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I rarely go out for breakfast. I’m not really sure why. I don’t mind an early start but I find that often if I’m having a breakfast catch up its usually more of a brunch really. Anyways though, I was catching up with a dear friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in forever and she suggested we meet up for a bite at a place she’d visited before called Hobart Street Deli. Given that it was delightfully close to home I thought this sounded like a great idea!

Couldn’t have asked for a more lovely morning – blue skies and sunshine, you wouldn’t have known it was still Winter – we are a lucky bunch in Oz. It was fairly full when we arrived. Sort of an eclectic collection of tables and chairs, stools and benches set up in what is a very cutsie café.  








My friend arrived first and secured us a place near the door. She let me know that the menu was written in a chalk board high on the wall. So we craned our necks around to peruse what was on offer and make what was sure to be a very tough selection. It was a bit of a tough angle for the ol’ neck so I was super pleased when a staff member noticed our plight and bought us around menus to look at. They had been available up near the til all along.










So with our heads back facing the right way I decided I’d give the Haloumi and potato fritters with beetroot pesto and fried egg ($19.80) a go, while M decided to relive the magic of her last visit with the Gruyere rye toasty with Elmar’s bratwurst, field mushroom, fresh greens and home-made tomoato and apple chutney ($18.90).

We also order fresh juices – green apple for me and Watermelon and Strawberry for M, then I got a soy latte and M had a short mac. Oh yes we were hungry ladies that morning.










When I went up to the counter to order the first thing that I noticed was the delicious looking selection of cakes, muffins and slices. Wow…. I kind of hoped I had room after breakfast to get one of these to take home for an afternoon snack.

But with the order placed we sat and chatted. It was a very chilled crowd and seemed to be very family friendly, unsurprising I suppose with the park right across the road.

I was super impressed at the speed our breakfast was bought to us. I think it was probably less than 15 minutes from ordering, which was just fabulous, considering I was mega, mega hungry.

Presentation was just beautiful too! Sunny side up egg on a tower of potato fritters, topped with bright beetroot pesto and fresh greens.

I really enjoyed my breakfast. The runny centre of the egg was a delicious addition to the potato fritters. I did enjoy the fritters, especially with some of the beetroot pesto, but they were incredibly filling, particularly given the generous serve of haloumi throughout. 



















M’s too looked lovely, though the waitress did stumble slightly as she passed it to her, which meant that the mushroom which had been precariously balancing on top, was knocked off the toast. I thought it still looked pretty nice though. The break just looked wonderfully chunky and its hard to not long sausages from Elmars.








I did my best to put a respectable dent in my meal, as did M. We almost got there, but sometimes you have to say enough’s enough. I never really want to leave a place feeling so full I hurt! 

In all I really enjoyed my breakfast. The juice was fabulously fresh, nice coffee, tasty meal and the staff were all very friendly.

I didn’t have room to even think about getting something else for an afternoon snack but I figure that just means I have a good excuse to go back J








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