Following on from my visit to Hayashi, I decided I would continue my Teriyaki tour and the following week on a Thursday I drove myself down Canning Hwy to Ohnamiya.

I had heard of this place, because I’d been supposed to catch up with friend there for dinner one night, but when we got there it was so packed and I was so starving that we decided to go somewhere else. So thwarted on that attempt, but on a Thursday lunchtime it was easy peasy to find myself a seat.

Service was fast and friendly and I was bought a menu as soon as I sat down. I looked it over and knew I wanted teriyaki chicken but with their menu there was a variety of ways you could order it. Just with salad, in a bento box with rice and salad, as sushi… the list went on. Definitely something to keep everyone happy.

So I decided to mix things up slightly and went for the bento box with rice. I sat flicking through the West while I waited for my meal, but I didn’t get too many pages in before it arrived. Nice fast service is always a plus when you’ve ducked out of the office for a bite of lunch.

The bento box itself added a bit of drama and intrigue to the lunch with its closed lid when it arrived….. what fabulousness would I behold when the lid was removed…

Well it smelled just delicious! There was a crispy cabbage salad, plenty of rice, a nice amount of chicken and also some interesting pickled vegetables.

With some deft clicking of my chopsticks, I moved most of my chicken onto the rice to take full advantage of the beautiful teriyaki sauce. There’s just something about teriyaki….. a nice amount of sticky sweetness to it I suppose, which seems to balance perfectly with rice. Another successful new neighbourhood outting. Now I had two places fairly close to work that I could visit when craving Japanese – yay! I think I had especially enjoyed my visit to Ohnamiya because it got me away from my desk for half an hour. All the more relaxing to eat your lunch away from your computer I think. So nice to take advantage of those opportunities when they present.

Hmm….. where to next?

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  1. I really like the way that the bento box lid was closed when it arrived at your table! That is a pretty cute touch, did you find that there was enough chicken? It looks like a small-ish serving from the picture.

    1. I thought the closed lid was a nice touch too 🙂
      Serving wise, i thought it was ok. Perhaps yes compared to some others I’ve had it was slightly smaller, but definitely very tasty!

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