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Recently I was chatting to a friend about how I was changing jobs and would be located in Mt Pleasant. As chance would have it he lived in Applecross so he mentioned that I’d have to stop past a Japanese place in Melville…. Ohnamiya. I went there and totally enjoyed it ( So I shot him an email to let him know it was a winner and he mentioned how he knew the crew that ran Silk Road, which was also close by. He said they made an amazing laksa. The hot tip worked out perfectly because I was due for a catch up with my friend Miss E and she also happened to live close by! So I checked if that was all ok with her, made the booking and we were set! I was going to get to try their laksa – happy days!

We made the booking fairly early, right on 6pm and I was the first one to arrive at the restaurant. Nice decor, with the red theme continued throughout and a little bit festive with the Christmas tree 🙂 Service was friendly and prompt, I was bought menus straight away and my water glass was always getting refilled. So I had a flick through the menu while I waited for Miss E, but I had known what I was getting before I arrived so it was more for the next visit.

There were some delicious sounding menu items and they also did a tasting menu (, one of my favourite ways to dine! But that was for another time too. Last time Miss E and I caught up was at Bridge Cafe, just around the corner ( and we had gone in strong with a couple of entrees and then we struggled to make it through our mains – so full! So we both decided to just stick with mains on this occasion. Older and wiser I suppose.

I happily placed an order for the Singapore Laksa ($26.90) – described as a Silk Road classic! It came with Hokkien egg noodles & rice vermicelli with King Prawns, chicken, Broccoli & squid, cooked in our special curry & coconut Laksa sauce and with this I went for a glass of the Sutton Grange “Fairbank” Viognier 2009.

The place steadily filled up as we waited for our meals to arrive, and they really didn’t take too long. The smell was amazing!! Incredibly delicious – I couldn’t wait to take a bite! I’d gone for a medium heat option, but there was still a fair bit of kick to the soupy laksa. It was balanced well though with the creaminess of the coconut milk. I worked my through the crunchy vegies and perfectly cooked prawns and then tackled the generous serve of noodles that were hidden beneath the depths of laksa sauce. I really enjoyed my meal…. didn’t finish it because of its ample size, but I wasn’t leaving hungry that’s for sure.

Miss E seemed similarly pleased with her choice of Beef Rendang ($29.00) – described as delicious medallions of beef in a spicy Rendang sauce, served with steamed rice and Achar salad and also went for a slice of Roti bread for $3.50. Good flavours I was told and again the right amount of heat.

So we had a nice night – chatting and eating tasty food. I’d head back to Silk Road to try something else. It’s wonderfully close to work now so perhaps a sneaky trip for lunch one day might be in order. Will have to make it happen 🙂

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  1. This was a great review! I have to admit as nice as that laksa looks i think the price that they are charging is ridiculous. No noodle dish should be over 20 dollars in my opinion.

    That being said it might be nice for a treat.

    1. Hi Simon! Agreed…. a bowl of noodles for more than $20 is definitely a treat. But it was very nice and just more and more typical of Perth prices these days I suppose. I think what pleased me about it was that, in paying that price I definitely got a laksa that I was really happy with – so that’s always a plus 🙂

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