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I was well overdue for a good chat with bestie, Mrs M, so we lined up a dinner to remedy this obvious oversight. She suggested a local Italian restaurant in Inglewood that was one of her new favourites – Il Pasto. Looking at where this place was on the map I realised I had been to this place in its former life as Al Sito I think it was.

On arriving last week for dinner clearly this place has developed a solid following as it was full to the brim with hungry folk. Always good to go somewhere with someone whose been before and make recommendations. So while we sipped on our BYO bottle of white, I looked over the menu. Mrs M suggested we get the antipasto platter to share ($15 per person). Sounds great as you got to sample many of the tasty sounding starters. And for mains I decided I would go for the Spaghetti con granchio spanner crab meat, EVOO, garlic, chilli, little tomato, herbs, while across the table the Agnolotti con spinachi e ricotta – half moon shaped pasta filled with spinach and ricotta finished in cream, mushroom, touch of tomato topped with parmesan cheese and herbs ($22) was ordered.

Didn’t take too long for our giant platter to arrive. It looked very impressive and was hard to know where to start. The spicy sausge was delicious, the Artichoke hearts crumbed in a Parmigiano herb crust stuffed with thyme and mozzarella were wonderfully crispy, all the vegies – mushroom, capsicum, etc – were all very well done and special mention has to go to the eggplant. Done in a basil and tomato sauce it was some of the nicest I’ve ever had. A really diverse and so, so filling starter.

I was slightly nervous at this point about my ability to eat any of my main. But there was a bit of a wait before they arrived. The friendly staff apologised for this delay and given how full I was feeling I really didn’t mind. Plus sometimes its just nice when they acknowledge that meals are taking longer than expected. There’s generally not much that can be done, but its reassuring that they are handling it the best they can.

And as soon as mine was presented I knew there just was no way, no how I would be finishing it. I feel like I had a token few bites of what was really nice pasta – plenty of crab and a more than decent amount of heat from the chillis – but I had to concede and asked for it to be boxed up to come home with me. Let me tell you it made for a sensational lunch the day after – very big serve!!

I also sampled some of my friends pasta, which seemed to be a much more manageable size to mine. The pasta was really delicious with a creamy spinach and ricotta centre. The sauce on hers was tasty too. A creamy tomato….. a lot more mild than my fireball experience. Tehehe I’m just a real woos on the chilli front it turns out.

BYO is always a nice bonus, but prices were pretty reasonable. It could perhaps be argued that $28 for pasta is more on the expensive side, but I recall a visit to somewhere else recently where crab pasta was up at $36 and there is no way they gave me anywhere near as much crab as Il Pasto had. So I was happy with $28.

All the staff had been friendly and attentive. It’s one local I’m sure will do very well. If you like your pasta and have a big appetite, this place is worth a visit.

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