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I went to a send off dinner for GG’s aunty and uncle earlier this year and while we were there his niece Lil J had asked if we’d ever tried Pasta Cup. We hadn’t but as it would happen, I had recently purchased a Scoopon Voucher for a dinner at Pasta Cup. The deal included two large serves of pasta, garlic bread, a salad and a 1.25L soft drink for some barginous price that I can’t seem to recall…. I think it was around $30. It seemed unlikely that GG and I could eat all this ourselves so we had Lil J around for a sleepover on the weekend to help us out.

Basically the way it works is that Pasta Cup makes all their own pastas and sauces and you can just mix and match the ones you want together. Lil J raved about the carbonara so that was locked in with fettucine and we thought the Tommy Sausage (a tomato sauce with Italian Sausage) would be a nice contrast so got that with linguine.

Having preordered we just had to stop by and pick it up to take home with us, but we’d been bowling and all we could all smell there were the hot chips tat everyone else was eating so we decided to order some of those too, so just had to wait for them to be cooked. Didn’t take long though and we had our order all bagged up and drive as fast as we could hmoe. Mainly because GG and Lil J were starving. I’d had a massive lunch so wasn’t quite as excited about launching into pasta for dinner but I’ll admit it did smell pretty good.

Can’t fault the amount of pasta they managed to jam into the containers. Very generous. We each helped ourselves and there was still plenty left….. and even after GG had seconds there was still some remaining.

So how was it? I’d hoped for more of a loaf of garlic bread but they serve it as larger individual slices. They were fine but weren’t the warmest. The chips were decent – good amount of salt. We went for a greek salad and it was fine, not just lettuce so bonus marks right there and the pasta….  The carbonara was nice – very creamy with a good amount of bacon. Did really enjoy this but as with most creamy pastas I’m not sure how much of it I could get through.

The tomato pasta was a little disappointing. Definitely not as generous with the tialin sauage in this one as they had been with the bacon in the carbonara…. But it was ok I suppose, albeit a little boring.

But hey for a quick and easy dinner on a Saturday night when you have a 12 year old in your midst Pasta Cup does the job.

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