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So I’m not sure if I’m mentioned it, but I’m a lucky lady and my GG asked me to marry him last November. Now the big day has fast rolled around and as part and parcel of this, there were some expectation of a hens night. The only thing was…. I didn’t really fancy a hens. So instead I thought it would be quite nice to head out to dinner with a few special ladies to get our truffle on at a special dinner they were throwing at Cantina 663.

The dinner menu was $110 per person for  courses and then for another $40 you could get matched wines. That made things much easier for us, so we all signed up for that option. I had only ever been to Cantina for special events, such as the dessert course for the Beaufort St Festival Roving Dinner, so I was particularly pleased to be heading back to try it for a full sitting.

I had some concerns that it may be a little cool where we were sat, but some strategically placed patio heaters completely took the chill off and it was entirely pleasant on our litle terrace table outside.

We patiently waited for our first course, while we sipped on the accompanying sparkling. All quite delightful.


And then the first dish arrived – amuse – smoked lardo, enoki, parmesan cracker, truffle salt. It was a vision and I had been fortunate enough to sample lardo before and talked it up a lot before the girls took their first bite. Lardo is a type of salume (Italian charcuterie) made by curing strips of backfat with rosemary and other herbs and spices (thanks Wiki). One nibble of the tasty smoked lardo, along with the crispy wonder of the enoki on the parmesan cracker was entirely divine.

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Next up was the first entree – baldivis rabbit terrine, lentils, brioche, truffled apple remoulade. Now I find terrines can be a little hit and miss. Some have impressed me and others haven’t done a lot. This terrine did a lot for me. It was just beautiful. So much flavour and I really loved it with the sweetness of the brioche and the crunchy apple remoulade that was hiding underneath. Delicious combination!

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Before too long it was time for the second entree – scallop, corn chowder, sea urchin, samphire. I’ll admit that this was the only course that I didn’t really enjoy. It was a little too seafoody for my liking. Could have been the urchin, but it seemed like it was the scallop. I didn’t like it too much and that seemd to be a bit of a consensus around the table. But hey we were two from three and what did Meatloaf say…. two outta three aint bad? 🙂


To prepare us for the mains they gave us a beautiful palate cleanser – lavender sorbet, crystallised citrus – it had such a wonderful intense floral flavour and I loved it.


Now the most beautiful course of the whole meal arrived next, the main event, veal loin, pear-juniper puree, truffled sprout, bacon, manjimup jus.  What with the stunning truffle shaved on top it was just a vision. The perfect pink veal, the wonderful flavour throughout the brussell sprouts, even a little bacon. It was a sensational dish and easily my favourite!

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Now I was already very smitten with the truffle degustation menu but always nice to end with something sweet – chestnut mouse, gingerbread, truffled ice cream, dried apricot.  I loved the combination of flavours, the smooth mousse the truffley goodness of the ice cream and the beautiful gingerbread. It was a really lovely dessert.

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It had been an entirely wonderful night out with some of my favourite folk. The food was delicious, the service had been attentive and friendly and I can’t wait to visit again!

Thanks for a lovely night Team Cantina! Here’s to the black gold of Truffles!

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