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I don’t seem to buy nearly as many online vouchers these days as I initially did, but one caught my eye a while back, particularly given that it was so close to the office. The deal was for Ning Sushi House in Como and for the bargain price of $29 you were able to choo choo choose any 10 dishes off the sushi train, plus either have a can of soft drink or some miso soup.

Now I buy these vouchers and I sometimes forgot that the clock is ticking on them and this is the case with this one, but I managed to find a free lunchtime and a willing lunching partner in the lovely Miss She-Ra and off we drove to Como. I knew roughly where it was, but I hadn’t realised in the complex near the Karalee Tav. So about a 10 minute drive from work, very convenient.

You didn’t need to book and there was only two other people there when we arrived so we found ourselves a table and on presenting our voucher, were told that we were able to select any 10 dishes we fancied. Normally, as with other sushi trains the prices varies according to the colour of plates, but it was a litle bit of fun to through caution to the wind with what we wanted.

Decor wise, it was fairly basic but the chairs were comfortable enough and there was a seemingly endless array of sushi moving seductively past us – what to have? what to have?








With chopsticks at the ready, we made our first choice.










The first dish we choice was a fresh tuna roll with black sesame seeds. It was nice fresh fish and as an intro it went well.








From there we went for a bolder selection, which had sort of a dried pork powder in it and then as I found out a tuna mix on top. Given this seemed like it would include more a canned type tuna I flicked that off the top and bit into the pork roll. It wasn’t one of my favourites, even drowned in soy and wasabi. Quite a dry salty flavour to it.








So we decided to switch back to tuna, just with different seeds and again, the fresh fish was very tasty!








We then spied a tempura prawn roll – yum! We had thought it had egg roll on top but on closer inspection I believe it was actually a cheese single that had been sightly singed. Interesting…… seemed to sort of work, slightly. But I was kind of put off once I knew it was cheese. Not sure what that was about. Might just be me.








Now I was slowing down at this stage, knowing it was unlikley we would get through the 10 dishes between us. Miss She-Ra decided to sample a three fish roll, topped with avocado, it had a beautiful avo greenness to it, but I had just about done my dash.

I say this, but then we saw them bring out tempura prawns and they looked so good that we polished off a plate each. These were probably my favourite! Really beautiful, plump prawns with such a light and crunchy batter. Very good!










So this is where I tapped, what an incredibly generous voucher offering it has been! I hadn’t minded our visit. I had found the dishes a little hit and miss, but by and large I had enjoyed the majority. Would I rush back? I don’t know about rush, but I did have a few dishes I found particularly tasty, so if in the mood again I would head back from those 🙂

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