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It’s a Saturday night, your favourite footy team is playing in a final and you want to be able to completely devote your full attention to the match. This means you can’t cook, so you have to assess you options. What is available nearby to either to deliver or takeaway? Decisions, decisions……. my sister had joined GG and I to watcht the match and the group consensus was that we’d grab some Indian. While we would have happily ordered food from Kabalason, where we had enjoyed some amazing butter chicken earlier in the year, Joondalup was too far away on this instance as we needed to be able to do a round trip to pick up our food in the half time break. Because of this we ended up trying out a new place, well new to us, called Bollywood Spices in North Perth.

When we were nearby recently we grabbed a takeaway menu so we had it at the ready on this particular Saturday night. We decided to go with a few old favourites and our order was:

  • 3 Plain Naan ($2.50) – Bread made from dough of refined plain four.
  • Lamb Rogan Josh – Tender lamb slowly cooked in the traditional onion and tomato based sauce ($15.50)
  • Beef Korma Badami – Tender beef cooked in almonds & basic sauce finished with a hint of cream ($15.50)
  • Butter Chicken – Chef’s specility tender roast chicken in tomato sauce and herbs finish with a hint of butter and cream. ($15.50)
  • Steamed Rice Plain ($2.90)

Clearly a few other people had had a similar idea to us and we were told that our meal would be ready in 45 minutes. This meant we were likely to miss the start of the third term but we had it on the radio as we drove back so all was ok.

The aroma of the rich sauces of the three dishes filled the car and our mouths were watering when we arrived home to the waiting bowls. We each loaded up our plate and helped ourselves to the naan bread (which I cut into easy to handle triangles :)) and then carefully balanced our bowls on our laps as we returned to the couch to watch the game.

The Rogan Josh was a lot spicier than I had expected and packed the most heat of the three. I didn’t mind it and it did have nice chunky pieces of lamb, but I’m not an experienced punter of the spicy front, so I didn’t favour this dish’s sauce with my naan.

The butter chicken was creamy and delicious. Again decent pieces of chicken breast, which was super tasty and the real test? Well I couldn’t get enough of the sauce with the naan. The same was the case with the Beef Korma sauce. Really full of flavour and with either the rice or the naan, it equalled yum.

While I have sung the praise of the naan sauce combination, to be honest,  it wasn’t really my favourite naan. Almost seemed a bit dry, but this could well have been because of the time it took to get it home, so I’d be willing to give it a whirl again.

In all, the flavoursome food hit the spot and filled our hungry bellies. The footy result might not have ended up going our way that night, but we were all happy with dinner.

Glad to have another good take away Indian option close to home 🙂

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