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It’s always nice to receive a heads up about new places opening up around Perth – whether its a new hole in the wall bar, a top end restaurant or even somewhere more casual, like a new addition to the Grill’d chain – in none other than Brookfield Place, where many a cool newbie had opened up in the last 6 months, including the Trustee and the Heritage. It has been a while since I’d last visited Grill’d…. almost 2 years as I was reminded, so I was asked if I would be keen to be sent out a voucher to try out the new store and relive the magic from 2010. Hard to pass up an offer like that, so I accepted with thanks and organised a lunching partner in crime, Miss She-ra who I have lunched with before, and we made the journey into town so we arrived at the shiny, new store a touch before 12. Even then, there was a decent crowd. Only been open a few weeks, if that, but word has definitely spread about their burger prowess.

So we made our way to the counter and looked up at the menu adorning the walls and decided what to have. I grabbed a bottle of Schweppes Agrum (blood orange flavour). Soft drink used to be such a treat as a youngster and there may well have been a spell during uni when I developed a more than passing infatuation with the black gold that is a bottle of Coke, but these days I don’t have it that often, but on this particular day it took my fancy. (And it was quite lovely :))

I decided I’d stick with the basics for my burger on this visit and went for the Simply Grill’d ($10.50) – Grilled grass fed lean beef, salad, relish & herbed mayo on a panini roll. I also ordered a snack serve of the chips ($3.50) – Thick-cut chips with Grill’d herb mix and also grabbed one of the chip dips for $0.70. There are three available – Herbed Mayo, Tomato Relish and Sweet Chilli Mayo. I went with the Tomato Relish. Miss She-ra decided to spice things up more with her order and went with a Moroccan Lamb Burer ($13.50) – Grilled 100% grass fed lean lamb, roasted peppers, tzatziki, salad & relish.

So with our order placed we turned our attention to finding where to sit. There is seating inside and outside, and on this visit we decided to try and get the best of both worlds and perched at the end of a long bench style shared table that was right near the door. From here, while we waited for our burgers, we were able to appreciate just how popular this place was! By the time our meals arrived, which was within 10 minutes or so, the line to order was out the door!

We were both pleased with our burgers when they arrived. Everything looked wonderfully fresh and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

First things first though we sampled the chips and with their rosemary salt they really were very good. Crunchy, salty, red hot – three ticks right there.

We each cut our burgers in half, seems a little more lady like that way. Plus I am fairly useless with hand foods. Inevitably end up wearing what I’m meant to be eating 🙂

For me the enjoyment factor to a burger is largely dependent on the patty. And hats off to the Grill’d crew, they are a tasty, meaty patty. Perhaps different to other places and the whole healthy angle that is targeted by Grill’d is that their burgers really aren’t that oily or greasy, which suggests to me that the meat used it leaner than other places. I enjoyed this about them. The salad in mine was crisp and crunchy and there was plenty of it. The tomato relish in the burger rounded out the experience and I was glad that I went with a panini roll, had a nice amount to chew to it.

Across the table the lamb burger also received positive reviews. The roasted capsicum was said to be a winning addition! And from where I was sitting the creamy tzaki looked pretty good too 🙂

By the time we had finished the place was packed and given the tasty and varied range of burger offerings I was not surprised. As we made our way back to work I was already wondering when we would head back into town sometime again soon for some more burger fun.

And for those in town, in the same week Grill’d also opened up a store in Shafto Lane – so there’s two stores for you to choose from 🙂

Thanks for the invite Grill’d – all the best for your foray into the CBD – no doubt you’ll be very popular!

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