It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Especially on the terrace, what with the snazzy new lighting installation at Brookfield Place. From 7pm until late each night until Christmas, 5 of the beautiful heritage buildings along St Georges Terrace will be lit up with stunning Christmas projections.

For young and old alike it’s all very impressive to behold, the changing montage of Christmas images – giant brightly coloured presents, gingerbread houses that look good enough to eat, a floral tribute and scrawled Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings messages – it will definitely inspire Christmas cheer.

And if you haven’t already, then what an excellent excuse to head into the city for a bite to eat at one of the Brookfield Place restaurant! You’ve got your choice of The Trustee, The Heritage, Bar Lafayette or the newer addition Print Hall, with its three story offering – fine dining, Asian tapas (Apple Daily), or the rooftop bar (Bob’s).

It is a brilliant addition to the CBD on the foodie front and now also on the festive side too! So get merry and head on in for a look 🙂    532364_10151137825671456_424194994_n








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