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I’m a big fan of Mexican food. Old El Paso kits, be they tacos or enchiladas, are a regular feature in our cupboard. So when GG and I were recently wandering around Leederville looking for a quick bite of lunch, we decided to give the burritos at Zambreros a go. I’d never been before but as an appreciator of Mexican cuisine it has been great to see some mexican ‘fast-food’ chain style options popping up in food courts and generally around town. So we wandered in and I’ll admit that as it was my first visit it took some careful studying of the menu to decide what to have and how the ordering system works.


So as we learnt it was either a salad or a burrito option, so both feeling quite hungry we opted to tackle a burrito. For me the Beef – slow-cooked marinated steak in a cumin & garlic rub and for GG Chicken – marinated tender chicken, simmered in mild adobo. From there it was to decide if you wanted Guacamole – real fresh avocados, spanish onion & zesty lime juice for an extra $2.00, we both did. And then it was which salsa took your fancy… for me Tomato Salsa and for GG Coriander Salsa and finally just choose your sauce – I went for Garlic and Herb and to spice things up GG chose Chipolte. Decisions, decisions!

They didn’t take too long to prepare and automatically included rice and beans. Not going to lie, I kind of wish I had figured that beans would be an addition. I don’t really like refried beans – something about the texture, it’s not my favourite. Anyways though, pushing on. I was slightly overwhelmed by the size of the burrito, was pretty sure there was no way I was finishing it but I was keen to at least put a respectable dent in it. Reminded me of the old “It takes two hands to handle a Whopper” campaign.


Will you just look at the abundance of ingredients all jammed carefully into the alfoil packaging! I thought the beef was beautifully cooked and very well flavoured and I liked it paired with the creamy guac and the refreshing salsa. And oh so filling!


For a quick, fast lunch it wasn’t too bad, but to be honest I think I prefer kebabs, without the beans and rice, which had made the burrito experience a bit more heavy. That may just be me though, as there were a line out the door by the time we left 🙂 Clearly its a popular option and has more of a heathy feel to it than some other ‘fast foods’.

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  1. I am married to a Mexican and have been there numerous times. This looks as Mexican as a noodle looks English. Sorry this should be called, Texican as this is food from Texas

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