Chobani – Happy Fridge!

And what a day it was when the Chobani van showed up at my work recently!

I’d been fortunate enough to receive an email asking whether I thought my workmates would be keen to try a few of the fantastic new flavours on offer from Chobani. You bet they would I wrote back. I wasn’t entirely sure how it would work or how they picked the offices that would receive deliveries, but lucky for me they decided delivering 200 tubs one fine Thursday would be the way to go. So many cartons of yoghurt!


And it looked like a beautiful rainbow when they were all stacked up in the fridge.

I sent out an email to my co-workers that it had arrived and that folks could help themselves to a tasty afternoon treat.

And it didn’t take long for the hungry army to descend on the kitchen 🙂

My only request to folks was that they let me know what flavour they had and what they thought. The feedback was all so positive:
  • “It was yummmmyyyy!!! Strawberry 🙂 Mmmmmm”
  • “Thanks for my afternoon tea; I had Peach flavour and I thought it was delicious; I was quite reluctant as I’m not a big fan of plain greek yoghurt; but I was pleasantly surprised.”
  • “Pear great”
  • “I had the strawberry flavour which was very good; light and not overly sweet”
  • “I had the blueberry one…the taste was good considering it was fat free :)”
  • “Strawberry one is good; just the right sweetness too.”
  • “I tried the blueberry. Round the top inside rim were some streaks of natural yoghurt; i.e. not properly mixed. The fruit – which was plentiful – was at the bottom. The initial taste was rather bland but then I stirred the pot and got more flavour. Texture was smooth; taste was fine – neither sharp nor sweet.”
  • “You can tell them that the blood orange was delicious”
  • “I’m eating the lemon one; it’s like the yoghurt version of a lemon meringue pie.”
  • “I had lemon and it was very nice. The yoghurt was thick, smooth and very tasty. The lemon was tart but not too much. Overall I definitely rate it.”
So these were the emails I received and as well as that many folks walked past my desk with many complimentary things to say about Chobani. Their only complaints was was when it disappeared from the fridge 🙂
If you’d like to experience some Chobani magic in your work place then they currently have a wonder competition on the go where they will “Turn your SAD FRIDGE into a HAPPY FRIDGE”. Details are here – well worth giving it a go!
Follow the link here: 
Big thanks Chobani! We were a very spoilt bunch 🙂

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