Confetti Fair

Pop on your favourite party shoes because the Confetti Fair is coming to town! 


Confetti Fair is being held on Saturday 23rd November from 11am – 4pm at the South Perth Community Hall.

So what’s it all about? Confetti Fair is the brainchild of Claire Cassey and is a place where wannabe hosts with the mosts can look for fresh inspiration for their party, by finding out about the latest trends (I envisage jars, bunting and hmmm cake pops 🙂 ) and everything from a simple soiree to an entirely extravagant evening!

“The perfect party is making a comeback and there is an increasing appreciation for a well organised affair,” said Claire. “There are new blogs popping up every day and the number of new party businesses is quickly growing. I used to spend hours and hours trawling the Internet looking at party blogs, reading online magazines and scouring through pages on Facebook when I was trying to plan a party. One day I thought ‘You know what? It would be so good if I could just go to one place and choose everything I need and see how it will all look.’”

So if you have a special celebration on the horizon, whether it’s a baby shower, birthday party, engagement do, wedding, etc you’ll be able to sort out every little detail at the Confetti Fair!


Presale tickets $5.00+booking fee and can be bought here at

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