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Public House is perched on the corner of Adelaide Terrace and Victoria Avenue in town and it’s a fabulous addition to the East Perth fringe. It’s the newest venue for the talented Publican Group which has also brought to Perth – The George, The Bryneleigh, The Aviary and also Wolf Lane.


In mid November I was asked along to their launch and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The fit out is just great. It’s a large, open sauce with warm wooden floors and paneling, plenty of interesting light fixtures, some artistic taxidermy additions and the art work in the bathrooms – fab! Go the bright murals. It was a nice combination of warm and trendy and I felt like quite the cool kid heading along…. tehehe a cool kid for the night at least 😉


So on the launch night I didn’t have the chance to try too much of the food. I did see it floating around but was never positioned in the right spot. I thoroughly enjoyed what I did have though, the lamb ribs just melted in your mouth, some zesty ceviche was delicious and a pork slider just totally rocked my world. All I knew was that I was keen to head back soon to sit myself down to really devote some time to trying out their menu.

The vision at Public House is “Food cooked slowly with love and passion, to be enjoyed with a great range of delectable wine.” The Head Chef is Sean Trautvetter and he has aimed to create a menu “inspired by a love of South America, showcasing the best local produce WA has to offer.


It’s a good looking menu. One of those that you scan through and there are just so many things you’d like to order. Now when I finally got there for a lunch I was in a group of three and given this is a menu designed to be shared, this provided a fabulous opportunity to try a few different things on the menu.

We recommend that you follow the South American tradition of sharing, combine dishes from all sections of our menu to create an experience that can be enjoyed with colleagues, friends and family…

With a crisp New Zealand Sauv Blanc in hand we carefully considered what to have….. It took some time but in the end we went with: Clasico (sword fish) – lime, coriander, chilli ($18.00), Chorizo and lime ($13.00), Bug tails, chilli butter, paw paw and coconut ($46.00), Black Angus grain fed skirt steak (300g) – all meat served with smoked chilli butter, chimi churri and Peruvian pommes puree ($28.00), Tomato, palm heart and buffalo mozzarella ($14.00). We were told by our super friendly waitress that this should be ample and it would arrive as and when it was ready, which worked for us 🙂

The first to appear was the chorizo. I really liked the presentation. Not the usual chunky seared slices, but instead precious little chipolata sized individual portions. The flavours were delicious! A little spice and plenty of zest from the fresh spritz of lime we’d squeezed on. I had thoroughly enjoyed them and it definitely had me looking forward to the other dishes that still lay ahead.


Next up to appear was the steak. Served sliced on a generous pat of chilli butter and a mountain of Peruvian mash. We dished up and I was well impressed with the steak. Our waitress had let us know that the skirt steak came served medium rare to ensure that it maximised both flavour and texture. Couldn’t fault it. Perfectly seasoned and it just melted in your mouth. Also, I’ve long been a fan of mashed spud, it’s a wonderful comfort food, turns out with a Peruvian twist it’s even better! Steak fans would not be disappointed with this dish….. maybe just with having to share 🙂


There was a flurry of activity next with the final three dishes arriving in quick succession. I do enjoy ceviche. I think it’s because lime is such a brilliant fruit. The fish was cut into chunky pieces and I did enjoy it. Much like I had at the launch. Refreshing, light and flavoursome. Kicks a lot of goals the ol’ ceviche.


The tomato salad was also pleasant. Sweet tomatoes and crunchy fennel, along with the palm hearts. I actually hadn’t had a lot of palm hearts before but it was nice and a pleasing addition to the salad. Good to balance some meaty dishes with something from the garden.


Our final savoury dish was the entirely indulgent bug tails. Just look at them! Complete with a paint brush to lavishly coat the tails with your choice of chilli butter or paw paw and coconut. Wow! The tails were so sweet and as you carefully plucked the meat from the tails it was all so delicious and rounded out an incredible five dish selection that we had shared together. Bravo Team Public House. My lovely dining companions had enjoyed an ample amount at this point but assured me that it was peachy keen if I fancied dessert. Plus they noted it would more fully round out my dining experience. Couldn’t argue with that.


I opted for the Bitter Chocolate, Dulce de Leche and Crackle. I was torn between that and the Milk and Honey dessert, but as soon as the chocolate wonder that was the dessert arrived I had no regrets at my selection. Pretty as a picture and even more amazing tasting than it looked! The chocolate in the tart was perfectly dark and bitter and well paired with the magic of dulce de leche. Ahh salted caramel. Where have you been all my life! 2013 was the year of salted caramel and I hope that trend continues into 2014 and beyond. It was excellent.



What a second visit it had been! I had just loved the food, couldn’t fault the incredibly knowledgeable and friendly service and there were so many other things on the menu that I was keen to head back and try. Public House is venue 5 for Publican Group but they clearly know their stuff and each place has marked their own stamp on the Perth eating and drinking scene. If Public House is anything to go by I hope they open a few more 🙂

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  1. I cannot tell you how many times I visit the building where this restaurant is and have never eaten here. I am loving the Steak and Peruvian mash, it sounds so intriguing and the pictures of the desserts have just done it, I need to visit this restaurant in the new year. Hope you have a good one 🙂

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