Public House – First Birthday!

Hip hip hurray and a very happy birthday to Public House.


The youngest venue in the Publican Groups WA stable, it has a real South American flare. This was the inspiration for their first birthday party. Each guest received a passport when they arrived which took you on a tour of South America. As you visited the four different countries there was a food and beverage item on offer. Very cool idea!


We kicked things off in Peru with a particularly zesty ceviche, tilapia, aji rocoto, coriander and lime, which just melted in your mouth and left you wishing for more…… like all of these spoons more. Accompanying this was a pleasant Ventisquero Sauvignon Blanc. We got a stamp on our passport and continued touring.

The most substantial offering on the food front came from Argentina where you could dish up Pork Asado, with a roasted potato salad, a serve of slaw and your choice of chilli sauce in varying degrees of hotness or a more mild chimichurri. It put a dent in out ravenous appetites and was washed down with a cleansing Argentinean ale, Quilmers. I’m not a huge beer drinker but I really enjoyed this brewski.

We perched at a table before jetting into Brazil for a pastel. It may not have looked the prettiest, but I can assure you that flavour wise it was a big winner. Lamb and goats cheese had so much flavour and they were eagerly devoured. Brazil definitely had the prettiest drink with their pomegranate caipirinhas, complete with colourful paper umbrellas, and despite some concerns it would be super sweet it really wasn’t. Very easy drinking!

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Our final destination was Ecuador and time for dessert. Here you could dress up a chocolate tart with all sorts of things, from freeze dried raspberries, chocolate coated popping candy, macadamias and an indulgent Ecuadorean chocolate sauce. It was a rich little morsel and this sweet tooth really enjoyed it, along with the matched Gaya Moscat dessert wine.


What a delicious whirlwind journey it has been! If you haven’t already, then keep Public House in mind for a tasty lunch, dinner or even an after work drink and let the flavours of South America whisk you away.


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