Hello Mr Earl

I do enjoy a good cuppa. I’ll admit in the morning times I crave caffeine and coffee takes the mantle as my beverage of choice but throughout the day it’s the other cuppa that I have by my side. The humble cup of tea.

I’ve long preferred a herbal tea over something black and can get fairly carried away with new and exciting flavours on visits to places like the T2 store.

Then I made the introduction of Mr Earl. Who is Mr Earl you may ask? Well he’s a fabulous new venture that will save you the trip to the shops and you can sign on for a subscription that will see three different types of tea arriving on your door step each month! Convenience plus and who doesn’t love getting something in the post that isn’t junk mail or a bill!


I was recently sent an intro pack which was a sneak peak of what was coming in the debut January box.

Subscribe to Mr Earl’s premium tea subscription service and you’ll receive three premium teas conveniently delivered to your door each month. Each box contains approximately 50g of loose leaf tea, hand selected from the finest specialty tea brands in Australia and New Zealand. An info card will explain exactly what you’re drinking, their origins and precise brewing instructions for the perfect cup!

Approximately 50g which is enough tea for around 20 cups of tea.

The sample box contained peppermint, green and of course it’s name sake, earl grey.


Strong flavours made for an indulgent brew and it was lovely to mix up the selection I was sipping in the afternoon.

Each month the teas change and if you find a favourite then fear not you can order more in the online store 🙂 Subscriptions can be for 1 (The Tea’ser – $20/month), 3 (Tea Me Up – $15/month) or 6 months (The Tea Addict = $13 per month) and the cost of postage is included in the price.

So if you fancy a few new teas to enjoy from the comfort of your couch or while you are wiling away the hours at work then make the acquaintance of Mr Earl. I’ll be getting to know him better with 3 month subscription – quick fill up the kettle!

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