Au Naturale Juice

Who doesn’t love juice in summer? Fruit is at its luscious prime, there’s an abundance of choice and a good, fresh juice can be so refreshing on a warm Perth day.

I recently heard from a lovely Perth lady called Jac who has taken the bold step of starting her own business and is combining her chef background and her passion for healthy eating to create Au Naturale Juices.

Au Naturale’ was created, as I wanted everyone to be able to love and enjoy fresh fruit and vegetable juices, as much as I love and enjoy them. Being healthy shouldn’t be a punishment. It should fit into everyone’s busy lifestyle and be enjoyed.


All ingredients are sourced locally and lovingly packaged into small or large glass bottles. These bottles are collected after each order and are recycled so they can be used again.

Our juice is put into glass bottles because we love our environment and are all about reuse and recycling. Please email us to collect the used bottles or we can collect them on your next delivery of juices

Jac offered me a few bottles to sample, a very generous offer. Each were a different bold colour and looked very enticing. They were delivered on Friday and I managed to resist until Saturday…. only just, as the weather was hot and I had no doubt they would really hit the spot.

Earths.Core – Apple Celery Coriander Cucumber Kale Lime Pineapple
Carrot.Top – Apple Carrot Orange Turmeric
Buddah.Belly – Apple Orange Pear Strawberry


I had the green one, Earths.Core, finger marked for the moment I walked in the door after my hour long Saturday morning personal training session. I figured I would be in ample need on some hydration at this point. As instructed on the lid I have the bottle a vigorous shake before uncapping and popping in a striped straw (love em!) and taking my first eager sip. What an explosion of flavours! Herbaceous, citrusy and entirely refreshing. It was a total thirst quencher and you could really appreciate that this juice was very fresh. I suspect I could have happily enjoyed a whole jugful but I was grateful for this, my introduction to the Au Naturale range.


So I then enjoyed the red one, Buddah.Belly, on Sunday after a early morning trip to the beach and again I was impressed with the depth of flavour in these little bottles. Jammed packed with fruity goodness that will have your taste buds dancing! This juice was perhaps slightly sweeter than the first one I had tried but it was still lovely in its own way. I enjoyed the sweet strawberry that was included in this blend, that must be what gave it its pretty rouge shade.


The final juice I had was the Carrot Top. A vibrant orange colour it was the perfect addition to my Monday lunch line up. Again another mix of punchy flavours with a distinct carrot bias, which was unsurprising considering the name. In sweetness terms it was probably mid way between the red and the green juice. I’d never been the biggest carrot juice fan but I have to admit that with the other ingredients it was much more pleasant than other experience I’d had. Go the Carrot Top!


Jac has dedicated time and effort to ensure she has a quality product and that is reflected in the beautiful juices that she has created in an impressive range of flavours.

The full line up of details of the juices can be found at the Au Naturale website and they are delivered straight to your door! Smaller bottles (250ml) are $5.50 and larger bottles (500ml) are $9.50 and they deliver within the Perth metro area with an order of 3 or more juices. There are also some juice cleanses which could be perfect for any plans for a new years detox. Au Naturale provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy out some amazing, healthy juices and support a local business at the same time. Well worth a go!

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