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I’ve been to Jamie’s Italian three times now. I was fairly smitten after my first visit. I had gotten to try one of his renowned planks and loved it, then enjoyed the rabbit pasta dish I had chosen and thought the chocolate brownie for dessert was divine. And service had been wonderful. The second visit wasn’t quite as spot on, service was a little slower, but I still enjoyed the food, particularly the sky high tower of lemon meringue pie I had chosen for sweets 🙂 There’s something magical about that much meringue when it’s all silky, melt in your mouth loveliness. I also had the Tagliatelle Bolognese (Ragù of beef, pork, herbs, Chianti & Parmesan with crunchy, herby breadcrumbs) on this trip and thought it was pretty tasty too. So the other weekend GG and I headed back for round three. We were seated in a different spot close to all the antipasto action, which was a nice change of scene.


We relived the magic of the meat plank, with its delectable range of thinly sliced cold meats, my most favourite cheese ever – buffalo mozzarella and other tasty morsels like the pecorino and chilli jam.


We also couldn’t go past the Crispy Squid. We had tried it on visit two and I have to say it really is very well prepared seafood. A light, well-seasoned and crispy batter, with squid that has been flash fried so it just melts and an accompanying aioli that is just so lovely and creamy. Two thumbs up for the starters. We’d gone with what we’d had before but I had no regrets with not colouring outside the lines and trying something different on this visit.


It was on the mains front that we were both left slightly wanting with what we chose. I had ummed and ahhed about whether or not to get the Bolognese again or try the prawn linguini and I went with the Prawn Linguini – Juicy pan-fried garlicky Spencer Gulf prawns served with tomatoes, chilli, rocket & fennel ($28.00). GG ordered the Bone-in Prime Strip Sirloin – 350g pasture-fed Aussie Black Angus bone-in strip loin served with wild mushrooms & peppery endives ($32.00) and splashed out by adding the summer truffle butter & shaved Tuscan black truffles for $4.50.

Both looked nice when they arrived. There was a decent number of prawns in my pasta dish and plenty of linguini but unfortunately it was the actual pasta that I didn’t really enjoy. I found it quite chewy and I’m all for al dente pasta but this was more al dente than I favoured. And I wasn’t all that wowed by the flavour of the actual sauce either. So I made sure I polished off all the prawns and ate some of the noodles but it didn’t really look like I’d put much of a dent in my meal.


GG did eat all of his steak but he was similarly unimpressed. Seemed like quite a cheap piece of meat. Was a fairly fatty cut. Sure the truffle butter helped but for the price he had hoped for a nicer cut.



Whilst I knew that they offered some lovely desserts I was feeling a little unexcited at the prospect of further disappointment so I declined. Our waitress was very lovely and said she would have seen if they could have fixed my mains, but I had assumed that is just how they served it. I was appreciative of her efforts though and her keenness to ensure that we did enjoy our experience.


So we left and perhaps it had just been a day when my ordering choices had left me down, but it hadn’t been a ‘third time’s a charm’ experience for me. So I’m going to give it a spell and wait a while before I look to head back again. I am sure the allure of those planks will tempt me back another time.

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  1. This happened to us! We loved our first time, really enjoyed our second time – and then the third and fourth were pretty disappointing. Such a shame, but I’m sure I’ll end up back and when I do I’ll stick to the dishes I know I’ve loved 🙂

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