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I can’t say I’ve eaten much Lebanese food before but on a recent planned catch up with two lovely couples I know, a visit to The Prophet was proposed. Now I hadn’t been before but I’d heard a lot of good things about it and couldn’t wait to try it out! So one fine Saturday we were booked in for our group of 6 and headed along for dinner. Found along the very lively Albany Hwy in Victoria Park it has a fairly discreet shop face and we arrived a touch after 6 and were shown to our table. A small restaurant and the tables were fairly snug, but service was prompt and attentive.

We were there first and on my initial glance at the menu I was quite sold on the banquet. I like the ease of not having to choose dishes and just knowing they’ll choose the entrees and mains of the house. They are the experts after all 🙂

So that’s what we did. Six meat banquets please. There was also a vegetarian option, but I could never profess to be a vego, bring on the meat!

We were a happy group, each with a few drinks in tow. BYO is free at the Prophet, how magic is that! With the banquet you get a selection of their entrees which kicked off with a garlic dip and some pickles, along with some Lebanese, pita style bread. My first thought when this dish arrived was it was perhaps a little modest in size. Don’t get me wrong it was delicious, but I had wished for more.

Now I need not have worried because the first plate might have been modest but from this point it was an influx. An overwhelming array of tasty starters and it was hard to know where to start!

To start proceedings let’s queue the dips:

Hommos – Traditional chick pea dip mixed with tahini, lemon and garlic
Baba Ghanouj – Smoked eggplant dip mixed with tahini, lemon and garlic
Tabouleh: Traditional Lebanese salad. A delicious mixture of tomato, parsley, onion, crushed wheat, lemon and oil

They each had so much flavour! The smoky eggplant in the Baba Ghanouj, the garlicky goodness of the Hommos, the rich parsley infused kick from the tabouleh. I quite liked them all but what occurred to me was that I am not a massive fan of a lot of parsley. It’s a fine herb and it definitely cleanses the palate but in excess I find it quite overpowering.

But onwards and upwards to the incredible array on offer for mains. It was a veritable feast! Chook, lamb, salads, veg and all with so much flavour and perfectly seasoned. Hard to pick a favourite but I really loved the chicken shish and also the kibbeh, so tasty and with a lovely crispy outer. My first time trying Kibbeh actually. Also a first for falafel. I’d long seen these items on menus and had never gotten around to trying them. Amazing! What a way to showcase a chickpea. Just delicious! There was also an empanada looking menu item. I didn’t catch their official name but me oh my they were tasty and such lovely pastry.

Falafel – Deep fried mixture of chick peas and broad beans
Shish Kebab – Tender marinated lamb
Shish Tawook – Chicken fillet pieces marinated in a lemon, garlic and coriander sauce
Loubiah Bean – French beans cooked with tomatoes and onion
Fried Kibbeh – Balls of lamb and crushed wheat filled with minced lamb, pine nuts and onion
Green salad with Fatoush bread

By the time I had worked my way through a little of this and a little of that, they almost had to roll me out of there. What an exceptionally well priced banquet menu! You’ll be filled to the brim with delicious Lebanese food and the place has a lovely welcoming and casual vibe. It’s well suited to a group for a fun and filling night out.

Just note that it is cash only at The Prophet but you’ll be able to find an ATM on Albany Hwy along the way 🙂

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  1. I just love the Prophet! always a good meal and BYO is always a bit of icing on the cake. I have an intense hatred for parsley, i cant eat it, it makes me gag but theres always so many other things that i usually ask them to hold the taboulleh.
    Notwithstanding all the savoury is great and delicious, their desserts are so good and a turkish coffee and baklava and lady fingers and their turkish delight is homemade and so good!

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