And so begins the Battle of the Breakfast Bruschetta

I am definitely partial to eating out but some weeks there’s a few more dining out events dotted on the calendar than others. Recently I had back to back breakfasts booked in for a Thursday and Friday morning. And of all the meals I eat out if say that breakfast is the least common. But it was sure to be nice. One was work related and the other with a friend – talk about maintaining work life balance J The common theme between them though was that I ordered a Breakfast Bruschetta for both. Variety may be the spice of life, but turns out I am fairly predictable if I see this on the menu. 

I think it was at Jacs in Applecross when I first tried it. I really enjoy the freshness of the tomato, the crispy bread and then luxurious goodness that is a soft poached egg. There’s also the added bonus that there’s usually some sort of cheese element to the dish and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I am very much pro cheese.


First up on the Thursday was breakfast at The George in the CBD. I’d been to the George for lunch previously and also for high tea and the occasional after work drink, but never breakfast, so it was good to tick a new box. Spying Breakfast Bruschetta, tomato salsa, basil oil, fetta, avocado and poached egg ($19) I instantly knew what I’d be having. Though I had thought that pancakes sounds good too…. But I’d save those for another day. 

I thought this dish presented beautifully! Really elegant plating for breakfast with the dramatic paint brush stroke of balsamic vinegar and artistic drizzle of the basil oil. There was an abundance of freshly chopped tomato, crumbed fetta and a lovely looking egg balanced on top. Along with a few snow pea shoots to add some extra green to the plate. I couldn’t wait to get stuck in! Naturally the first important thing to do was to slice into the egg. I did and took pause to appreciate the decadent river of golden yolk that cascaded over the tomato salsa. Yum!!! I really enjoyed this dish. The balsamic and basil oil were wonderful additions that added some real punchy flavour to this dish with a mild tang from the sweet vinegar and the herby infusion from the bright green basil oil. The egg had been poached perfectly and egg on top of bruschetta just goes so well! The bread had been lightly toasted and added a welcome crunch to complete the dish. Good times at the George with this delicious breakfast!



The next day there was a change of location and I found myself at Foam Coffee Bar. I’d recently visited Foam as the third stop on the Leederville Food Safari (what a night that had been). As with the day before when I saw Breakfast Bruschetta with Spanish onion, roma tomatoes, bocconcini served on garlic toast $14 – Add two eggs $4 I knew that this is what I would order. I mean imagine the decadent indulgence of two days with cooked breakfasts! It was like I was on holidays or something! It looked lovely when it arrived. Perhaps not quite as striking as the day before’s but the real test was in the tasting. I thoroughly enjoyed the inclusion of the bocconcini. Such a wonderfully creamy cheese and along with the chunky diced tomato, the fresh basil and the drizzle of balsamic it was delicious. Plus the two eggs were cooked perfectly and with the two slices of bread you could relive the magic of the yolk waterfall twice in one meal. That’s a win right there. 

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Hard to pick a favourite as they really were both delicious. Very comparable price wise and the plating up I’d say it just a reflection of the different venues. The George is slightly more formal given its position along St George’s Terrace, whereas there is more of a casual vibe for the funky folk at Foam in Leederville. I’ll just say that if you go to either of these places then I’d give the Breakfast Bruschetta a go. Fresh, flavoursome and filling!

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So….. anyone else know of anywhere else around town dishing up a nice Breakfast Bruchetta? I’m on the hunt for more!

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