Ace Pizza – Revisited and I’ll revisit again and again :)

I hadn’t been to Ace Pizza in a year and I was reminded this week just how great it is. It has actually been exactly a year because Ace has become my Dad’s birthday dinner place of choice and myself and the rest of the family are very happy about that. Because it is just that good.

It is quite a dark restaurant, maybe one of Perth’s darkest, but there’s pretty candlelight and the green glow from the pizza sign that adorns the wall. We were a happy group of four and we ordered a whole lot of pizzas and dishes I’d tried before but it was wonderful to find them as delicious as I remembered.


The line-up was:
Fried mac and cheese ($7)
The Godfather – San Daniele Prosciutto, San Marzano Tomato and Mozzarella ($23)
Fungo Magico – Mushroom, Mozzarella and Thyme ($21)
Mr Frederico – Artichoke, Garlic, Pecorino, Rocket and Pesto ($20)

The fried mac and cheese at Ace is simply divine. Two generous cubes of creamy mac and cheese per serving, crumbed and fried to red hot, crispy perfection. Just so good. I am sure it would be easy just to fill up on these but I had to save room for pizza, pizza, pizza!


They arrived in an aromatic flurry starting with Mr Frederico. It was an interesting line up of toppings including chunky pieces of artichoke, an abundance of rocket and generous shards of punchy pecorino and flavoursome pesto. It’s the bases at Ace that really win me over. They are super thin, super crispy and super delicious! This was actually the only item we ordered that I hadn’t tried before and I loved it! With this growing list of things that I love at Ace it is going to be harder and harder not to order a zillion things when I next visit!\

There was the perfect ribbons of salty prosciutto on the Godfather and the rich, earthy mushroom flavour on the Fungo Magico – ahh reliving the wonder of these pizzas was just as wonderful as I remembered.

On the dessert front you cannot go past their soft serve. It comes with a whole plastic bottle of salted caramel sauce and their own home made ice magic. But seriously, in my mind they could just hook you up with two bottles of the salted caramel. It is that good. It is by far and away the best ice cream topping I’ve ever had in my whole life and as much as I love their pizzas and that mac and cheese, you have to save room for the soft serve and caramel.


Simple things done superbly well. Welcome to Ace Pizza! Same again next year Dad!


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