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It was my birthday the other week. Older yes, but I would venture not a whole lot wiser. But I’m fine with that, perhaps wisdom is something I’ll grow into.

I enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing day. Well, relaxing except for the hour of personal training which was entirely focused on legs and introduced me to ATG squats. But then I had a nice facial at Blyss Beauty and for dinner GG and I met up with my parents at one of the Inglewood newbies – Three Coins.

I love Italian food. Pizza, pasta, antipasto – what’s not to love? So I had been keen to visit this cheeky new suburban trattoria as soon as I heard about it. I called ahead that afternoon (short notice I know) but thankfully they could fit us in at 6pm.

Located on the corner of Third Avenue and Beaufort Street, it is a very quaint eatery but larger in size that I had expected with an inside section and also an al fresco area. Complete with red and white checked table clothes and views into the kitchen, conversations in Italian can be vaguely overheard and you can almost convince yourself you are in Italy. And the aromas from the kitchen! Mamma Mia!


We all quickly reviewed our menu options and it was challenging because there were many dishes that sounded tempting. We decided to share a Margherita Pizza and a serve of the bread and dips to start, before I locked in the lamb pasta for main course. Mum went for the pumpkin ravioli, Dad never passes up a chance for pizza and GG spied the lamb cutlets being delivered to a nearby table and on catching a glimpse ordered those for himself.

MARGHERITA – Mozzarella and Basil ($17)
BREAD & DIPS Homemade bread fresh from the woodfired oven with a selection of seasonal tasty dips ($14)
SLOW COOKED LAMB LEG RAGU FETTUCCINE – Our special slow cooked lamb leg ragu recipe finished with shaved pecorino ($24)
RAVIOLI – Pumpkin and Taleggio filling tossed with butter, parmesan and sage, finished with pure white truffle oil ($26)
GRILLED LAMB CUTLET Pistachio crusted, grilled vegetable medley ($36)
QUATTRO STAGIONI (Four Seasons) – Mozzarella, Artichoke, Olives, Mushroom and Ham ($22)

I was fairly ravenous when we arrived and had been slightly concerned that a pizza can perhaps take a while to prepare. So wrong. Clearly the pizza oven is running red hot and that Margherita appeared virtually in a flash! It smelled amazing and we each eagerly (though carefully because of the temperature) reached for a slice. Yum!!! A really light and crispy base with a flavoursome tomato sauce and stringy mozzarella. I would have welcomed a few more basil leaves but even without those, the simple cheese and tomato combo was divine.


The breads came with three dips – olive tapenade, sundried tomato and a basil pesto. All had solid flavours and were generously slathered onto the freshly baked focaccia but I would say the sundried tomato was my favourite. This was somewhat of a surprise because I’m not always a massive sundried tomato fan, but whatever it was mixed with in this dip was delicious!


I did question how I was going to tackle a bowl of pasta following this entree carb fest but I decided to get on the front foot and got stuck in. There is something special about fresh pasta. There’s a richness to it and these silken ribbons had been lavishly coated in a meaty, well-seasoned lamb ragu and generously sprinkled with plenty of parmesan. It was incredibly filling, incredibly delicious and by some miracle I managed to finish off the whole bowl. Perhaps I do in fact have hollow legs.



I may have also had room for a bit of my mum’s ravioli, which was also amazing. A sweet pumpkin filling with perfectly al dente pasta and you could smell the heady aroma of truffle oil as soon as her plate was delivered. Another winner!


I was also fortunate enough to try a bite of the lamb cutlets which were also very yum. Everyone was very pleased with their choices and after indulging in such an epic meal, I actually didn’t have room to entertain dessert on this visit. But I didn’t mind. That meant I needed to come back another time.




It’s a great spot. A nice relaxed vibe, friendly service and delicious food but I’d suggest you book because it may be new but it is clearly popular. Enjoy the new corner of Italy in Inglewood.

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  1. Oh gosh, just look at that ravioli, I’m getting hungrier by hopping from one photo to another! May you have a happy and blessed birthday!!!

    Julie & Alesah
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