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A good steak sandwich is a wonderful thing. For me the bread and the steak are the two key elements. You want a nice tender piece of steak, not too thin and still with a little pink in the middle. Then the bread needs to be lightly toasted, with a little crunch, though not so crunchy that it slices up the roof of your mouth. You know the kind. Over toasted ciabatta can be a real devil for that sort of carry on. And I don’t really like mayo but if you call it aioli I can usually make my peace with it, as long as it isn’t slathered all over the place. And I like a bit of salad – fresh tomato and a little greenery, sure. Onions are a must for me too, grilled not raw. Cheese, egg and bacon I could probably take or leave. I find it can get a bit too busy with those last three. It’s as if they steal focus from the star attraction, which I feel should be the steak. How incredibly fussy and high maintenance do I sound with that demanding description? But I’ve eaten a few steak sandwiches in my time and I guess I just know what I like.

GG and I headed out to the Inglewood Hotel for lunch on Saturday. It was one of those beautiful Spring days with an abundance of blue skies and just the right amount of sunshine.


We were shown to a table for two in the al fresco section and decided the weather was ideal cider drinking weather. So it was a pint of Monteiths Pear for me and Bulmers Apple for my handsome husband. We both really liked how they brought along a third glass full of ice cubes and a spoon for you to help yourself.


On the food front I was pretty confident as soon as we chose The Inglewood as our destination, that it would be a steak sandwich (sirloin steak sandwich with bacon, mixed leaves, tomato, aioli & onion jam with wedges ($22)) for me because they’ve won awards for it! GG was chasing something a little lighter and went for the fresh garden greens, beets & quinoa salad with candied walnuts, heirloom tomatoes & white balsamic dressing, add chicken ($23.0+$3.0). GG asked me whether I was going to ask for anything to be removed from the steak sandwich but I decided since it had won awards, it was best not to mess with what was apparently perfection.

I loved the look of it as soon as I saw it and thought its presentation on the wooden paddle with the kicky little frying basket for wedges was precious! I wish I had six of them at home to serve chips in too but that was for another day and probably a search on eBay. Served cut in half, you could take in all the delicious layers and then it was time for my first very eager bite. Oh the yummness! The wedges were piping hot and all quite giant in size! It meant the spud really held its heat. Perhaps a small dish of sweet chilli sauce would have helped to cool them slightly. Having said that, I am sure I could have just asked for some which I didn’t because my focus was on polishing off all of that steak sandwich. And I did just that. The steak was tender and juicy, just like I had wished it, just the right amount of aioli and I really liked the sweetness from the onion jam. The salad components kept things fresh and before I knew it I had eaten the whole darn thing!

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GG enjoyed his salad too. It looked pretty with all its colourful ingredients and when you added chicken you definitely got plenty. I tried a forkful and it was tasty, but clearly I had won lunch with my choice.

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The Inglewood is serving up quality pub grub and is a delightful spot for lunch on a sunny day. GG is hoping we head back soon so he can try one of those steak sandwiches himself 🙂

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  1. Totally agree with your idea of good bread and steak! Is it just me or the servings are really huge for one person?! Thanks for sharing you lunch with us!!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

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