The Boulevard Hotel – Beer in the Garden

When Perth turns on the sunshine, it is some kinda wonderful. It just makes you want to get outside and for me, I love the chance to lunch somewhere you can really soak up the Summer time magic.

I enjoyed lunch at the Boulevard Hotel in Floreat recently and talk about ticking all the boxes for a sensational sunshine venue! Their alfresco area is vast, though still well shaded and you feel like you are out amongst it.

The Boulevard delivers the best of Mediterranean inspired pub food – simple, fresh, rustic, and honest.

Using only the finest of local produce, our expert team of Chefs are constantly striving to bring the best of Perth to you, whether it’s with seasonal menu changes or our weekly specials.  

On this particular Saturday, the Boulevard was hosting a beer tasting, where several local breweries were set up and ready for you to sample their wares. I joined a few other bloggers for lunch and to partake in a few brewskis.


To start with, we were presented with a selection of dishes to share from the small plates section of the menu. I’m not a big parfait fan so I left the Duck & chicken liver parfait, fig chutney for others but I was all over the Homemade sausage rolls. They were So.Damn.Good!!! With a lovely herbed meaty filling and a light and flaky pastry, I think I could have eaten the whole plate and would have happily copped the judgment of my dining companions! Thankfully though my manners kicked in and I managed to resist. When they were offering the last one around though I did pounce on it, albeit very subtly (…maybe it wasn’t so subtle).




There were also the very tasty Pulled pork tortilla, guacamole, coriander, salsa with a refreshing slaw, some crispy and UBER mushroomy Portobello, porcini & gruyère arancini, grilled chorizo with just the right amount of spice and some veal & oregano meatballs lovingly slathered in a rich tomato-ey sauce. It was a sauce that made for the perfect dipping sauce for the chunky and elegantly stacked polenta chips. It was quite the spread and very filling as you had a little of this and a little of that.





Then we were asked to pick a main. They would be rolling us out of the place! I kept things simple with a Margherita pizza, Mozzarella, tomato, basil, while GG decided to tackle a Fillet steak sandwich, tomato, pickle, aioli, fries and around the table I heard orders for Grilled salmon, salsa verde, potato & leek roesti, radish, apple & fennel salad, Beer battered barramundi, salad, fries and Tortellini, pumpkin, kale, sage burnt butter. I was well impressed with the pace the meals were delivered to us, didn’t seem to take long at all or it could be that the company and conversations were so compelling that whatever time it was actually flew by.





As with the starters the mains looked the goods. I love the simplicity of a Margherita pizza and fresh basil is such a beautiful herb. I put in what I considered to be a respectable effort and managed to eat a slice over half. GG enjoyed his steak sandwich, noting the meat was pleasingly tender and he only left a few stray chips on his plate. Around the table there were many approving murmurs as folks worked their way through their meals.




Now we had to depart at this point but I did spy some photos of tasty desserts later in the day but we had to leave that for another visit.

The Boulevard is a lovely spot, quite the classy pub. They have a team of friendly staff that ensures everyone feels really welcomes. The Bouvelard is serving up high quality pub fare with an interesting menu and you could seriously just fill up on those sausage rolls and you would leave happy. But save some room because the mains are tasty too!

Thanks to David Gardiner PR for the chance to visit and for a very lovely lunch!

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