Millbrook Winery – picnic time!

Until recently, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you the last time I went for a picnic. I remember going on plenty with my family as a youth but now that I’m all grown up, it isn’t something GG and I have rushed to do. Truth be told, I’m not much of an outdoorsy person. Being out in the elements with bugs and flies and potentially oppressive heat doesn’t have a huge amount of appeal for me. I appreciate that a “toughen up princess” comment may be required but it is each to their own and I’d rather eat my lunch in the lounge room than on the back lawn. So recently when some friends suggested we head to Millbrook Winery and order some of their picnic baskets, I was in two minds. Clearly I welcome any opportunity to see good friends and Millbrook has a stellar reputation but eating outside… Summer?? I told myself to think positive and off we set one Saturday.

Millbrook is a bit of a drive from Perth. Ok more than a bit. It’s a very decent drive but as soon as you wind your way down the final gravel driveway and Millbrook comes into sight, you know that the pilgrimage was totally worth it. It is such a beautiful spot, so incredibly picturesque! We all wandered inside to the cellar door to enjoy a wine tasting and purchase a few bottles to enjoy with lunch, before paying for and picking up our pre-ordered picnic baskets.

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PICNIC BASKETS (Available Spring and Summer)

Pate, preserves and sweets from our kitchen, fruit and salad from our estate garden, cured meats from Acciari butcher, and Dellendale cheese.

Picnic baskets include cutlery, crockery, wine cooler, water bottle, napkins and picnic rug – wine to be purchased separately.

Please note bookings and full payment are required three days in advance. Upon collection of the basket a deposit of $50 is also required which is refundable when the basket and its contents are returned.

The basket for two costs $80 and comes complete with cutlery, wine glasses and blanket. On the food front, it was a very enticing spread which included cold meats from Acciara Butcher (which isn’t far from my house – how have I not been before?!), a whole wheel of indulgent double cream Brie from the Dellendale Creamery in Denmark in WA’s south, mixed olives, freshly baked baguette, some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, house made pate, a refreshing salad and the piece de la resistance – two slices of chocolate tart. What a line up!

Note: This photo is the basket full of all the food for the three couples


We found a nice shady spot and each couple eagerly set about opening containers and unwrapping this and that so we could begin the feast. Everything tasted amazing. I wish I had taken a few more photos but honestly hunger took over when everything was unwrapped and it just called to me! There was plenty of food for two people with each basket – the cold meats were flavoursome, there was a refreshing crunch to the salad and we went to town on the cheese. Although we didn’t finish everything, it would have been nice to have one more baguette per basket, so we could have enjoyed one each. It was such beautiful fresh bread and there was such a generous amount of all the meats and cheese that it would just have been handy to have a little more loaf as a vehicle for these things. A vehicle to get it to our mouths! Obviously we survived without it but it would be the only minor thing I would change about the experience. The three couples in attendance were all singing the praises of the Millbrook picnic baskets and it was actually a return visit for them.

Special mention must go to my favourite picnic item. Couldn’t go past that chocolate tart. Will you just look at it! That perfect slice, buttery pastry and rich chocolately filling, it was divine. Sitting back under a leafy tree, with a nearby glass of Viogner and a slice of chocolate tart, it was all very zen. Perhaps I could be an outdoor person if this is what the outdoors is like.


So if you fancy being an outdoor person too then a picnic at Millbrook is definitely for you!

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  1. Hi guys… Just wondering if there’s a chance we can get a hamper for tomorrow… Please get in touch with me ASAP…. Thanks so much

    1. Hi Regan, wish I could help but think you’d need to speak to Millbrook direct and ones day notice is likely a little too brief. Might need to try for a few weekends in advance 😊

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