The Sherry at The Flour Factory

Perth is awash with new venues these days and I. Just. Love. It! Something new is opening almost every other week and last week was no exception. A quaint little roof top bar with a wall of welcoming greenery and a glowing yellow sign beckoning you closer. Welcome to The Sherry. You can find this new small bar upstairs at The Flour Factory. Now I already fell in love with the Flour Factory when I was first introduced to Lambcetta and Maclairs – which are both as magic as they sound.


Now let me tell you about The Sherry. It is the newest glittery light in the Perth bar scene. With a capacity around the 90 mark, it is sure to fill up fast over the Summer months with those that enjoy a little fresh air with their bevvies.

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The drinks list upstairs is short and sweet and I can share it with you here:



Lustau ‘Jarana’ Fino, Bacardi 8, spiced apple cider gomme, lemon, bitters & orange oil. Served frothy.



Lustau Olorosso, Dolin Dry Vermouth, TFF bitters & orange oil. Served Neat.

 QUEEN ST COBBLER $17 *seasonal

Lustau Amontillado, maraschino gomme, bitters, citrus & mint. Served tall.


Lustau East India, Pampero Blanco, Campari & orange oil. Served over rocks.




Lustau Olorosso, Pimms no.1, Beaujolais, cucumber, orange, lemonade, ginger ale & bitters


La Guita Manzanilla, Maidenii Dry, Custard&Co dry cider, pear nectar, lemon, mint, dandelion & black walnut bitters


Custard & Co Vintage Dry $16

Young Henrys Cloudy $12

Little Apple $10

The Hills Pear $11

Moritz Lager $10

Rogers $9



Marq Fiano ’13 (Marg River)    $9.5 (glass)   $45 (bottle)

Tomfoolery Pinot Gris ’14 (Barossa) $10.5 (glass) $50 (bottle)

Kilikanoon Riesling ’13 (Clare Valley) $10.5 (glass) $50 (bottle)


Dandelion Fairytale Rose ’13 (Barossa) $10.5 (glass) 50 (bottle)


George Deboeuf Beaujolais (Burgundy) $10.5 (glass) $50 (bottle)

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The talented Simon Hough mixes up the drinks!

It is a carefully crafted drinks list with enough on offer to keep everyone happy and I think the red wine choice of chilled Beaujolais is inspired, totally perfect for a Perth Summer. Plus, it’s a fun word 🙂


Thanks to the launch soiree I can totally vouch for the magic of ‘The Sherry’ as an entirely easy drinking cocktail. It looks so pretty too with the crisped lemon on top and the foamed up egg white. The Negroni wasn’t quite my style but I am sure it is right up the alley of Negroni fans.


On the food front I revisited the brilliant charcuterie they are dishing up at The Flour Factory and I’m told that visitors can order normal TFF food from downstairs and bring it up but you can only order from The Sherry’s Bar Bites menu upstairs. And what’s on the Bar Bites menu you may be wondering? Well wonder no more!

Jamon and Smoked Cheddar Popcorn – $4.50 a cup

Marinated olives and House Made Feta – $8 a jar

Small Selection of Charcuterie with pickles – $9

TFF Pork Bits and Bobs – $8 a bag

TFF Jerky – $7

Passionfruit Jubes – $4.50 for two

For crackling fans, you gotta try the pork bits and bobs and the popcorn is also really tasty! And to end on a sweet note the passionfruit jubes are pretty amazing.

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It’s a fun spot with tasty food and good drinks, so keep it in mind for your next after work drink or bar hop around town 🙂

Thanks to the dynamic duo of Andy Freeman and Sam Astbury for a great night!

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