Chloe and Kelly – MKR lunching :)

Since the move to the big city for work, the temptation to tour town and buy lunch every day has been pretty strong. So far I’ve managed to exercise some self-control and would say that generally I only buy lunch once, occasionally twice, a week. I do like to try new things though and when I saw that last year’s MKR runners up and WA gals Chloe and Kelly were expanding their catering offering to include Wednesday lunches, I was super keen to try them.

Now I’ll admit I didn’t watch their season of MKR. The show lost me slightly the season prior when it became more about the personalities than the cooking. I did read a few articles though and clearly social media and the like had decided that Chloe and Kelly were going to be the resident ‘bad guys’ for the 2014 season. Hmm….it is reality TV I suppose but creative editing can mean that some comments could be taken well out of context. I can only say that the few times I’ve seen the girls around town they both have been lovely and I’m glad MKR has given them the opportunity to pursue their foodie ambitions. Good on them.

So back to their lunch boxes. They are available on Wednesdays and change from week to week. Best to follow their website or Facebook page for all the details of what the lunch option is each week. That’s how they got me 😉 The Wednesday I ordered, it was two soft tortillas with slow cooked pork, black bean salad and chipotle dressing. Plus there was a mention of an added sweet treat. I do enjoy a little something of the sweet persuasion and so I swiftly placed my order. $15 for a lunch delivered right to my office sounded pretty reasonable too!

Deliveries are made between 11am and 1pm and I was sent an email to let me know mine was to arrive at around 12.30pm – perfect lunching time!



There was a brown paper bag and a seperate little alfoiled dish where the pork was hiding. I took my stash and headed for the kitchen to set up my personal picnic.


I took everything out of the bag (pausing to ponder whether to start with the very tempting slice of brownie but managing to resist) and then began to load up my first tortilla with all the tasty components. Everything looked fabulously fresh and the aroma of that slow cooked, spicy pork was so enticing! I took my first eager bite and it was delicious! What became apparent was that they are really filling, so much so that I may have made the executive decision to just pop all the remaining pork into the salad bowl instead of loading up the second tortilla. Let’s face it I needed to save room for the brownie!

1482797_787372008014821_8115686455680374803_n 10428638_787372028014819_7703150862647037456_n

I really loved how they had even included a small container of berry sauce for the brownie, an added splash of luxury for my hand delivered lunch. Despite some initial plans to save it for afternoon tea, I got it back to my desk and polished it off in a flash. Oh the chocolately goodness!

10801701_787372054681483_2111348283604299706_n 10922451_787372071348148_8609115383915724770_n

What a picnic it had been. A very decent serve and I hadn’t had to leave the office! Convenient deliciousness! So keep it in mind if you know you need lunch on a Wednesday 🙂 You can find the details of what lunch is on offer on their website.

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