The Wolf The Bean The Walnut

Perth has quite the alley scene going these days with bars and cafes that you could well miss if you didn’t know they were there. Such would be the case for The Wolf, The Bean, The Walnut (TWBW).

The Wolf The Bean The Walnut is Perth’s central health food cafe with vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and raw food options located in the heart of the CBD. 


Now I can’t honestly claim that any of those focuses necessarily align with mine in terms of my eating habits. I wouldn’t say I follow a specific diet regime. I’m very much pro balance and I eat well and exercise hard but I like to try new things. I do recognise that what TWBW is cooking up is currently very popular and more and more people seem to be opting to adopt these eating habits.

In the CBD there aren’t too many places serving up these dishes so it’s always a plus when there is another option available when you are chasing a healthy breakie, lunch, morning or afternoon tea option. Choice is always a good thing.


On my visit I was able to try sample sizes of a few of their signature dishes. From a tasty raw cranberry and pistachio slice, to my debut try of a chia pudding with a sweet blueberry sauce on top and also some crunchy granola with a coconut yoghurt that they make in house. The turmeric pudding was an interesting dish, the actual pudding didn’t have too strong a spiced flavour but it was topped with pleasantly fresh mango and berries and it is hard to go wrong with those two together.

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On the drinks front they make a very pretty coffee and also have a range of fresh juices and smoothies available and I can attest to the Green Monster being particularly refreshing and not at all scary like some monsters can be.

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For a more savoury style brunch dish TBWB offer a power bowl which is a filling mix of quinoa, white beans, snow pear shoots and crispy salmon, topped with a poached egg. I’d never had a power bowl before but from some googling I know now they are essentially, as the name suggests, a bowl full of power foods, including grains, fruit, veg and protein. They definitely make for a filling bowl of healthy goodness.

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So this was my brief intro to the offerings of TWBS. They are an incredibly passionate and friendly crew, keen to provide delicious, healthy offerings to those in the CBD.

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Thank you for the invite and the chance to try my first chia pudding!


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