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Having just gotten back from a fairly long holiday I’ve quickly been reminded about the hectic pace of a working week. Trying to balance work commitments with exercise, pets, partners, family and friends, not to mention all the other general running around can mean that figuring out what to have for dinner can become something of a strategic mission. What should we have? What’s in the fridge? So I need to get what from the shops on the way home? And so the balancing act continues. Companies like You Plate It from Perth lads, Paul and Mark, is looking to help you simplify.


We believe enjoying a delicious home cooked dinner should be easy. Exciting recipes and fresh local ingredients delivered weekly.

You Plate It was started by Mark and Paul two mates from Perth who met during a career in banking. We have both experienced the challenges of eating healthy and interesting food after a long day at work. We are passionate about food and believe cooking a delicious dinner at home should be easy.

Each week they offer six meals for either two or four people and you can choose the one best suited to your household, along with the meals you’d like and they’ll be dropped off to you at home on Sunday.

You Plate It offers a stress free dinner solution that allows you to get an amazing dinner on the table for less than $11 per plate without the hassle of shopping or meal planning.

We offer a trial box as a one off for new customers, the recipes in this box are the chef’s selection for the week. Our subscription options let you choose your meals and you can cancel and restart at any time so you are never locked in.

2 meals for 2 people – $65 2 meals for 4 people – $99 4 meals for 2 people – $99 4 meals for 4 people – $175

All the produce is fresh and while they do expect you to have a few staples in the cupboard like oil, salt & pepper etc, the bulk arrives all packed up and measured out ready for you to cook up a storm. Just follow the easy instructions and you’ll have a tasty and filling home cooked meal on the table in a flash.

No more meal planning, no more shopping, just good food.

I was invited to try out two of the You Plate It meals recently. In was our first week back after the holiday, so I fully embraced the convenience of someone else taking all the hassle out of what to cook for dinner. They were two new recipes and that’s another win too! We tried the Thai Beef Basil Bowl up first, which was delicious! Quinoa in a stir-fry was a revelation and definitely something I’ll be doing again. Nice tender beef, plenty of crunchy carrots and a very flavoursome sauce. Filling and delish! The following night, when the weather was chilly, we enjoyed plump chicken breast with herbed gravy along with mashed spud and roasted carrot and sweet potato. They were ample serves and just perfect for the weather, hard to go wrong with mashed potato and gravy.

It’s a healthier option than just ordering take away and for those not particularly adventurous in the kitchen it gives you the chance to try out some new recipes without the bother of having to shop for all the ingredients. Life is fast paced and there is a time and place for convenience. So next time things get hectic or you want to make life a little easier then keep an eye on the You Plate It Facebook page or website for details of their weekly menu and be tempted!

Thanks to the You Plate It team for the chance to try your tasty meals!


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