Straits Cafe – Winter Buffet!

Last year Rendezvous in Scarborough underwent a massive refurb and the results are impressive! The rooms all had a modern facelift and the restaurant downstairs previously known as Pines became Straits Cafe. A change is as good as a holiday but along with the name change was a switch from weekend buffets to al a carte. From what I understand many Perth folks missed said buffet and put in calls asking if it would return. Well Perth you asked and Rendezvous listened!


Now available on Friday and Saturday evenings is the Winter Buffet. For $59pp for adults and $20 for children the buffet offers a range of hot and cold dishes, with a liberal splash of all your favourite Winter comfort foods. Think rich mushroomy beef stroganoff, shepherds pie with its delicious creamy potato topping, mildy spiced butter chicken and succulent roast pork (with crackling of course!). It is easy to wind up with a very full plate after you take a bit of this and a bit of that, but be sure to save room for dessert too because there are many enticing sweet treats on offer to tempt you! Something to keep in mind, if you have a buffet fan in your life.


I’ll admit that I don’t go out for a buffet very often, but what I appreciate about my occasional visit to one is that basically with a buffet, every plate can be a choose your own adventure. Different combinations with sushi, coleslaw and cold cuts all hanging out together on the same plate. Because, why not? Everything looked nice and fresh too.

On the hot dish side, my favourite was a tie between the butter chicken with the fragrant pilaf rice and also the roast pork, because it was well cooked and I loved the apple sauce and the spicy plum sauce that you could dollop on top.

I feel I was fairly restrained on the dessert front too but couldn’t resist the lemon meringue squares or one of the caneles (the only dessert item not made in house) or a brownie with a generous drizzle of warm butterscotch sauce. Ok, ok and maybe I also tried both of the in house churned ice-cream flavours as well, the zesty lemon sorbet and the delicious nuttiness of the hazelnut….. haha I know right, imagine if I wasn’t restrained.

So the word is out. The buffet is back! Pack an appetite and head to Scarborough to take advantage of the return to buffet dining at Rendezvous 🙂

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