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I paid my second visit to Piccolos Corner in West Leederville recently. This suburb is currently my most very favourite for breakfast outings as it fair glitters with breakfast star performers. I had never really considered myself as one that frequently breakfasted, but there’s been many on my calendar of late. Mainly I suspect because my breakfast bud, Mrs P, appears to be trying to break records for the most breakies out in a week (and she is on a role!) and her and I have made quite the habit of heading out for breakfast on a Friday morning and I am very much enjoying it. It’s a lovely way to start a Friday, a day when you are already gearing up into weekend mode. It has the added bonus too of meaning you don’t need to worry about battling weekend breakfast crowds. It’s great to have a fellow weekday early bird.

So Piccolos…. If you didn’t know it was there you would likely drive straight past. It is discreetly tucked away in West Leederville suburbia. Then you get inside and the fit out is just adorable! Super cute little ornaments with an eclectic collection of tables and chairs and some floral arrangements adding further splashes of colour to the place. It makes it all feel very welcoming, like you are enjoying breakfast at someone’s house. It has a different feel to the more recent West Leedie breakfast additions along Railway Parade (Hylin, Aliment, Tracks), though each have their own unique charm.


Several menu items took my fancy but I decided to give the avocado smash a go, along with a Long Mac.



As soon as the plate arrived I knew I’d made a good call. Two thick slices of bread had been toasted, drizzled with balsamic vinegar, then generously covered with grilled slices of chorizo and chunky cubes of avo. This impressive stack then had a perfectly poached egg balanced on top. It was a very decent size and I felt confident I would not be needing morning tea today! The ceremonial cutting of the egg saw golden yolk spill out over the stack. Yolk is one hell of a good sauce. The chorizo had a lovely mildly spiced flavour, which paired well with the creamy goodness of the green avocado. I enjoyed the addition of the balsamic vinegar too as it added some nice sweetness.



As I had suspected I was definitely on the fuller side after finishing. Too full to think about ordering a piece of cake to go or a muffin, which took some restraint as they had a very tempting array on offer. Mrs P had been pleased with her eggs on toast and also sung the praises of the fresh juice she had ordered.


Bonus marks also go to Mrs P who went all out with the nail art and had breakfast inspired pics on each nail! Eggs on our plates and eggs on her nails. It was great. Plus she’s now starting up a nail art business so if you fancied checking out more of her creative work then head to Insta and look up @theholynailperth

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Piccolos is definitely worth a visit. Another reason to head to West Leederville for breakfast!

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