Ikea Catalogue 2016 – Focus on Eating!

Sometimes, the big ideas are pretty small


The IKEA 2016 catalogue hit letterboxes recent and this year there is a focus on something very close to my heart – eating. What a fabulous theme! So there’s everything from complete kitchens to kitchen utensils to table settings and even food! There’s some beautiful new modular ranges out if you are looking to build or even redesign an existing kitchen and you can make it as big or small as fits. I loved all the tableware too. Lovely wooden planks, elegant candles and cool serving plates and funky glasses….. I wanted multiple of all of them!

Photo Credit: IKEA Perth


This year’s IKEA Catalogue is dedicated to a theme that naturally unites people. A theme that’s highly individual yet truly universal.

It’s a theme focused on life in and around the kitchen, and those tiny, magical  moments that take place there. Eating the last piece of cake when everyone’s sleeping, sprinkling homegrown basil  on a plate of pasta, or making breakfast for someone special for no special reason at all. 

Because here’s the thing: never before have we been more aware of wanting to feel well. And while making healthier choices is a big part of that, feeling well is also linked to family and friends. 

So that’s what this year’s catalogue is all about. Celebrating what makes life in and around the kitchen work in harmony, and creating time for the little things that matter most. 

At their recent catalogue launch event I was introduced to a wide range of IKEA food offerings and it was an insight into Swedish cuisine. As far as I can tell they are a seafood  and meatball loving people with a penchant for dill. And I can’t blame them really because dill has featured heavily in my kitchen of late. It is an excellent herb.

In Perth IKEA is now open 9am til 9pm on weekdays, so you have ample time to shop for homewares and to fill up on meatballs! And speaking of meatballs they are now available in old favourite beef as well as chicken and veggie! Something for everyone, along with plenty of Lingon sauce!

IKEA Perth is celebrating the catalogue in store from Friday 4 September until Sunday 6 September, with activities to get the family involved and experiencing the IKEA products, Swedish Food Market and all things food.

Agatha Fonseca, Local Marketing Manager at IKEA Perth, said the new catalogue was designed to inspire and create memories around food and the heart of the home – the kitchen.

Entertainment will include live music, Cookshop demos, food tastings, face painting and kid’s cupcake workshops.

IKEA will also celebrate the IKEA Catalogue Launch with a $1.95 hot breakfast offer available between 9am – 10.30am on Monday 7 September through to Wednesday 9 September.

Please note I was the guest of Ikea Perth for this event. My opinions are my own.

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