10 Things I Love About the Leederville Food Safari

10 Things I Love About the Leederville Food Safari

Join us for an evening of adventure and delicious cuisine aboard Perth’s only progressive dinner by Rickshaw.

  1. Leederville! There is a real vibrancy to Leederville these days. The seedy Leedy hotel has had a fancy refurb and is all grown up thanks to Bill’s Bar and just in general there is a plethora of high quality eateries in and around the main Oxford Street drag offering a variety of different cuisines. It’s a happening food precinct.
  2. Progressive! Why eat at one place on an evening when you can visit three? And three excellent venues at that, in Ria Malay Kitchen, Kitsch Bar and Foam Coffee Bar.You’ll expand your culinary horizons all in one night as you travel up and down Oxford Street to some beautiful restaurants and cafes.
  3. Rickshaws! You travel from venue to venue by rickshaw with friendly and knowledgeable drivers. I mean that’s plenty of fun and believe me after your generous mains at Kitsch you’ll be so grateful you don’t have to walk back down Oxford Street to Foam for dessert. Walking is just so overrated anyway!
  4. Comfort! If the weather is a little cooler then fear not because they have blankets in the rickshaws which will keep you snug as a bug. Also they’ll snap as many photos of you in the rickshaw as you fancy. Capture the magic of the evening!Your comfort and enjoyment is their primary concern.
  5. Royalty! There is an element of riding in a rickshaw that I’m pretty sure is exactly what it must be like for the queen to ride along in her carriage and getting to wave to everyone. I’m not saying that everyone in the rickshaws were waving….. but I may have and I may have thought for that fleeting ride down Oxford Street that I was royalty so that was a bit of fun. A bit of I might be crazy fun.
  6. Ria! The shared entree platters at Ria are so delicious! Rich, Malaysian spices make for some tasty and exciting morsels. They also have some great cocktails available too. Drinks aren’t included in the Leederville Food Safari fare, but drinks prices are very reasonable. Ria underwent an expansion and refurb last year and it’s looking fabulous. Love the dramatic bright murals across the walls. It’s the perfect place to kick start the evenings adventure.
  7. Kitsch! I would have to say that Kitsch has proven to be one of my favourite spots this year. I know it’s been around for a fair while now, but it too has had a bit of facelift in recent times, along with a few menu tweaks and I’m pretty much in love with it. So getting to enjoy your mains at Kitsch at stop two in the safari is another big win. Each person chooses a main off the Kitsch menu (back when you are at Ria) and you are then also given some sides – veg, rice, etc. It is an abundance of food. Some of my current faves on the new menu are the bbq szechuan chicken w corn salsa & coriander and would you believe the sriracha & garlic roasted cauliflower w paneer was a real stand out too. A vegetarian dish I know! So you each choose, then everyone shares everything and it is wonderful.
  8. Foam! By this stage I’m not going to lie. You’ll be pretty full, you’ll wonder whether you can actually fit coffee and cake in…… but then you’ll see the cake cabinet. So tempting! And they make a lot of their beautiful cakes in house and you’ll definitely get something. They also stock Top Dup Donuts and a range of raw slices too. So something to keep everyone happy. It will be too hard to say no I can assure you. That’s how I wound up with lemon cheesecake, which was just lovely, as was the short mac I had.
  9. Different! It is easy enough to go out to dinner at a restaurant with friends, but it is different and fun to venture out where you call into three venues and have a chance to mix up pairs in the rickshaw and chat the night away. It’s fun to do something not quite usual.
  10. Price! $95 per person is an amazing price for a good 3 hours of fun with a three course feast cruising your way around Leederville in rickshaw style! Any foodie you know would love it, so a good one to keep in mind for a present idea, or for a birthday celebration or an anniversary or an exciting first date or a thank you present or just generally for anything. Think of any reason to get yourself along and you’ll have a ball.

These are my top 10 reasons, but I could think of many, many more because it’s a really great night out. It’s fun and the food is fabulous! This was my second time on tour and I loved it even more this time! My thanks to Leederville Food Safari and Coffey & Tea for the invitation. Rickshaws and Oxford Street. The only way to ride.

The Leederville Food Safari is the original urban dining adventure, this summer extending from Tuesday through Saturday nights, taking the three-course, tour de force of the suburb’s most exclusive eateries and a whole new level.

Leederville Food Safari is available Tuesday to Saturday evenings from 5.30pm and runs for three hours.

Alternative days can be arranged by appointment.

Available Tuesday to Saturday from 1 September.

Tours last around three hours, from 5.30pm onwards.

Visit us at http://www.leedervillefoodsafari.com.au

Feast your eyes on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqDhB6Aqo1I 

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