A Big Kahuna Christmas with This Little Pig Went To Market

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but let’s face it, the lead up can be stressful as you “umm” and “ahh” about what to cook for Christmas lunch or dinner to feed the hungry masses. Then you have to worry about what presents to get people, what to wear, who’ll be driving, how many bags of ice will we need to fill the esky, blah, blah, blah. The list goes on and on! So if there was a way to remove the stress on the cooking front, then I think that sounds like a very positive step in the right direction.

Now it is no secret that I am a massive fan of the work of Perth local lasses, Jessica and Katherine, who created the fantastic business This Little Pig Went To Market (TLPWTM). I’ve been a fan ever since I was first asked to try out one of their boxes back in February 2014.


This Little Pig Went to Market burst into life in July 2012 by an email from one sister to the other on an average work day at their respective jobs.

The driving force behind This Little Pig comes from Jessica and Katherine’s love of food and their passion at sharing quality produce, gourmet dishes and the ease of cooking with others.

Hearing of people having beans on toast or frozen meals for dinner, makes Jessica and Katherine sad to the stomach. With this in mind, This Little Pig was born, a cross between their love of food, quality local produce, beautiful packaging and a need to share with others how glorious food can truly be.

For the second year now TLPWTM is also offering Christmas Packs, which could either just be a delicious ham ‘Ham Solo’, tasty salads and sides or if you want them to take care of everything then you are going to want The Big Kahuna.

Let This Little Pig make your Christmas delicious & easy, with our beautiful meal kits delivered right to your door. Packed full of incredible WA produce, this is Christmas Feasting at its best. Oink!

Recently I was asked if I would like to be a test piglet for TLPWTM and round up a crew of willing lunchers and cook up a Christmas feast, Big Kahuna style. A trial run of sorts so I could write about my experience. Fun times because a) I love cooking and b) the Big Kahuna pack sounded delicious! I mean look at the lineup:


  • Succulent Free Range Leg Ham is glazed with a glorious orange marmalade marinade and fresh orange slices and then roasted until sticky hammy perfection
  • Free Range Mt Barker Chickens are butterflied, then marinated in a blend of fresh garlic, lemon, oregano & thyme. Can be BBQ or oven roasted
  • Amelia Park Lamb Roast – butterflied and marinated in red wine, garlic, mint & rosemary. Oven roasted or BBQ’d to juicy perfection

*Please note a pork free option is available on request*


  • Rosemary & Sea Salt Potato Gems w Harissa Aioli
  • Pomegranate & Green Olive Quinoa Salad &
  • Ottelenghi style mixed Tomato, Herb, Lemon & Pomegranate salad


  • Glorious Gravy & Fresh Cherries

Three large boxes were delivered on Saturday afternoon, adorned with their signature black ribbons and a sprig or three of festive Rosemary. They looked beautiful! I swiftly and excitedly unpacked all the boxes, arranging ingredients into the fridge and then popped myself on the couch to study up on the cooking challenge that was ahead of me. As I read through the recipes, it all seemed easy to follow and there is even a helpful scheduled timetable that has you starting at 9.30am, ready for lunch on the table at 12pm.


I woke up early on the Sunday….perhaps because it felt like Christmas 😊 I set the table, complete with crackers, candy canes and a few of those chocolate gold coins, because they are an entertaining and shiny, sweet treat. If I do say so myself it looked very Christmassy!


At around 9.00am I preheated the oven, arranged all the ingredients on the counter, popped on an apron, psyched myself up and as the clock struck 9.30 it was go time! I felt excited, but a little bit nervous because I had decided I wanted to tackle this menu solo. Not to say that my handsome husband wouldn’t have helped, but I was keen to see if I could stick to the schedule by myself.

Now I won’t go into the specifics of each recipe, but I will note that all the instructions are very clear and easy to follow and one feature I like about TLPWTM guidance is that it is both friendly in tone and encouraging. All the more helpful is that different ingredients are labeled 1 to 5, so you knew which recipe they belonged to. TLPWTM want to make your life easy, they want these recipes to be achievable, even if cooking isn’t your forte.

I’ll admit there were times when I had pangs of panic that I wouldn’t get everything done and I bemoaned the fact I didn’t have two ovens (haha I knew I needed to get a grip at this point)! If you follow the instructions, knowing when things needed to go in and out of the oven and when you were supposed to get cracking on the salads, then you’ll get it all done. In hindsight I think I would have kindly asked GG to take care of the chook and lamb on the bbq, so that it was slightly less of a shuffle in the oven, but just using the oven for cooking does work.

So yes, I can confirm from firsthand experience that you can get this epic Christmas feast on the table with around 2 and a half hours of cooking all by yourself and it will comfortably feed the 6-10 people that TLPWTM advise. At my lunch I had 8 hungry adults and we all ate plenty and still had an abundance of leftovers. I mean it was a big ol’ ham! There were really positive comments around the table about the flavours of the salads, they were loving the harissa aioli that comes along with the roast spuds and ham in that beautiful glaze was always going to be a crowd pleaser.


There you go, my tale of an early Christmas lunch. Cooked it up all by myself and didn’t have to go near the shops. Talk about making life easier! To sum it all up, I really enjoyed The Big Kahuna Christmas pack for a few reasons:

  1. Convenience – TLPWTM deliver it all – the recipes and the beautiful ingredients, they have done the shopping for you and literally deliver it right to your door!
  2. Time – Christmas is busy enough and one less food shopping trip around Christmas time is a massive win. I’ve made the mistake of doing it the past few years and it can really dent one’s Christmas cheer.
  3. Quality – As with all their meal kits, the ingredients are all wonderful and fresh and sourced from local producers. Their marinades and sauces are all lovingly prepared and have a whole heap of flavour.
  4. Skills – The clear and easy to follow recipes will make you feel like a regular Masterchef as you expertly whip up an entirely delicious and memorable Christmas feast for your nearest and dearest.
  5. Cost –The Big Kahuna packs are $249,  so if you had a group of 10 then that’s lunch for only $25 a head which is very reasonable considering that everyone gets a very decent feed.

It’s definitely something to keep in mind as December 25 creeps closer because Christmas cooking shouldn’t be a stress!

Thanks to This Little Pig Went to Market for giving me the opportunity to impress my family with a delicious, early Christmas lunch 🙂



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