Alfred’s Pizzeria. Small Bar


Tucked away downstairs, you will find all of your favourite things. A cocktail bar, late night pizza, & rock and roll.


Alfred’s Pizzeria. Small Bar is a new small bar on the block, from the talented team behind Frisk Bar in Northbridge, and along with an epic drinks list, which includes many creative cocktails, they also have the advantage of serving up some superb pizzas.

All our pizzas are made fresh daily with the best flour, organic tomatoes and fior di latte mozzarella


Chef Ben has carefully selected flour, tomato sauce and mozzarella and has it shipped directly from the homeland of pizza, viva Italia! From this point though local ingredients and inspirations shape their delicious pizzas.


On our debut visit we tried the Frisky and the Princess Peach…. but it’s a tough call because I wanted to try basically all of them and they are available with a base of either Rosso (A rich tomato sauce) or Biancha (A delicate cheese base). And they can cater for those needing gluten free bases too. It’s a good looking menu.

Home Alone: Cherry Tomato, Basil* 15
Michaelangelo: Pepperoni, Parsley 17
Suzi Quatro. Provolone, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, Feta* 19
Flora & Fauna: Hummus, Pumpkin, Eggplant, Rosemary* 19
Rocky. Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Chilli, Basil 20
Princess Peach: Mushrooms, Gorgonzola, Rocket* 19
The Net: Anchovies, Sliced Ham, Capsicum 19
Betty Rizzo: Buttered Potato, Prosciutto, Garlic, Parsley 19
Frisky: Rocket, Truffle Ricotta , Prosciutto 21
Mos Eisley: Ground Lamb, Rosemary, Spinach, Cherry Tomato 21
Aloha F*Ckers: Sliced Ham, Pineapple 18


The speciality pizza ovens make fast work of the cooking process, but in the brief interlude between them being prepped and when they were ready to eat we were able to take in the entirely stellar job that the Alfred’s team has done with this space. It had been a two year labor of love and the end result is something they should be incredibly proud of. There’s a real rock and roll coolness to the place and as you wander around there are some unique additions, from music posters to a collection of old school concert tickets and ladies, you gotta visit the bathroom, it is literally like walking on set of the Material Girl video.


So there’s a real presence on the rock and roll side, coupled with old school Italian fare, what with the classic red and white check table clothes and candles casting warming glows. It’s a very inviting space and just an ideal spot to enjoy some pizza as you rock out to the choice tunes they are spinning.


We enjoyed a glass of bellissimo red wine and soon our pizzas appeared. The addition of truffled ricotta on both meant that the intensely heady aroma of Great Southern Truffles reached our table before the pizzas did. Such a distinct scent. We started first with the Frisky. It was delicious. One thing I had expected was that the base would be quite dense as it looked to be on the thicker side, however looks were entirely deceiving because this pizza was actually surprisingly light and had been crisped to perfection.


As we polished off the first, appreciating the indulgent deliciousness of good prosciutto, we both marvelled at how wonderfully light it really was, not like some pizzas that are on the heavier side and leave you feeling like you need a nap. So on the food front, given I am a huge pizza fan, I had been well impressed. Particularly as the vegetarian offering, the Princess Peach, was just as tasty. Something about the mushrooms, so well marinated, gave the pizza a real depth of flavour. They also offer cheese boards. So it isn’t a diverse offering necessarily, but pizza and cheese are two of my favourite things. So win win.


They also do a sensational Negroni, which is only a relatively new addition to my favourite things list, but it was firmly established after my visit to Alfreds. Made me wonder why I had taken so long to try one, clearly a rookie mistake.


It had been a lovely debut visit and I could see this new hole in the wall proving very popular with the locals with the cool vibe, welcoming staff and dem pizzas! They don’t take bookings, first in first served, but they are open 7 days a week from 3pm til 12am, so plenty of time for you to call in for a visit.


Please note I was a guest of Alfred’s on this visit and have since been back…. still loving their negronis and the pepperoni pizza!

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