Ribs & Burgers – do wagyu!


Ribs & Burgers recently launched three new burgers with wagyu beef the star attraction!

The lineup includes:

  • WAGYU BIG CHEESE (200G) American cheese, pickles, caramelised onions, mustard & Aunty Joan’s pink sauce ($15.90)
  • WAGYU CHIMMI & SWISS (200g) Lettuce, spanish onion, Swiss cheese, egg, onion jam, chimichurri mayo ($16.90)
  • WAGYU TOWER (200g) Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, crispy onion rings, BBQ & Aunty Joan’s pink sauce ($17.50)


This was my first visit to Ribs & Burgers and if you haven’t been before, here’s a bit more about them:

 Our fresh, hot, succulent burgers and eight hour slow cooked ribs are known to stop the clock. Not to mention our friendly service, cosy vintage furnishings and warm welcoming atmosphere. A meal at Ribs & Burgers is like stepping back in time, to a restaurant started by your local butcher who decided to put their cooking advice into practice.

It starts with ‘real ingredients’. The grills crackle with hand prepared, grass fed, hormone free, 100% pure beef patties and free range chicken breasts made to order the way great burgers should be for a rich and natural taste.

The foundation is the bun made up of organic flour, which we toast slightly on the inside until it is nice and golden brown. This gives it strength as well as a soft, chewy texture which won’t stick to the roof of your mouth. Once we have the base and have added all the fresh ingredients, we pluck our char grilled ‘hero’ from the open flame and place it on top. The hot basted patty settles on the leaves with its warm juices filtering down to the base for an ‘all through’ rich taste. Well balanced and prepared for a burger experience we trust you’ll appreciate.

This passion doesn’t stop at the kitchen either, we support local farmers, sponsor community groups and help feed those less fortunate. Why? Because we believe honest food and genuine hospitality can help feed a better world. So muster up some mates, place your order, grab yourself a table, order a drink and relax while we prepare your food fresh to order.

So the Ribs & Burgers team has put in the hard yards to ensure that what they are serving up is high quality and they want your experience in one of their restaurants to be a delicious and memorable one.

Now I’m a massive cheeseburger fan from way back. Simple things done right. It needs to be a good bun, perfect patty, a tasty cheese slice and the right amount of sauce. There also obviously needs to be pickles, because well a cheeseburger wouldn’t be complete without them! So it may sound an easy enough combination to master, but when the balance isn’t right, there is the potential for disappointment and you don’t want a side of sad with any burger experience.

When I visited the store recently and sat myself down in a comfy booth after placing my order for a Wagyu Big Cheese and a small chips there was heady anticipation about what lay ahead. I actually had a 12pm teleconference at work so wandered to the store at 140 William just after 11 and there was already a decent sized crowd in attendance, which only continued to grow while I was there.

I had a bird’s eye view of all the action in the kitchen and it was a constant flurry of activity as more and more order dockets appeared. However, the team took it all in their stride, thriving under the pressure as many hungry eyes threw eager glances their way. And I’ll admit that my peepers were casting a few longing looks in their direction but it really didn’t take long at all for the food to arrive, around 10 minutes. It looked great! The small sized chips was ample and served piping hot. I really enjoyed that they had tomato sauce and mustard bottles available, along with two other choices in the cutlery bucket and you could just go to town on sauce if that took your fancy. Always nice when a dipping sauce isn’t an additional cost. So I had a few chips, loved them, and then turned my attention to the burger.



Appearance wise it had a simple elegance to it as it sat proudly on the wooden paddle.


You could see all the usual suspects, plus this one included caramelized onion too, which I’m a fan of. The patty did look good and as I eagerly picked up the burger I suspected, as should be the case with a good burger, that this would likely be a juicy affair.


With serviettes at the ready I took my first bite. Yeah…. that’s a good burger! The patty is cooked medium so there is a slight touch of pink and the flame grilling means there’s also a slight charred taste which marries well with all the other classic cheeseburger components. They had nailed the sauce ratio and whatever magic was behind Aunty Joan’s pink sauce, they were onto a winner. There was a pleasing number of pickle slices (says this pickle fan) and overall I thoroughly enjoyed it. Having not tried the standard Ribs & Burger cheeseburger I cannot speak to any noticeable difference between that beef and the Wagyu but I can say that it was a thick, super tasty and very juicy patty that comes in the Wagyu Cheese Supreme. Pricewise, yes, it is a more expensive burger than at a fast food chain, but there is a noticeable step up in the quality of the ingredients and the overall experience of dining in their restaurant.


Now haste on this visit meant I had to box up the rest of my chips and dash back to the office but the friendly staff were very accommodating with helping me turn my dine in chips into roadies. The place had continued to fill as I sat and enjoyed my lunch, speaking volumes of the popularity of the place.

So next time you are craving a good cheeseburger, Ribs & Burgers is one to keep in mind.

Please note: my meal was paid for by Ribs & Burgers and my opinions are my own.

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