Araluen Avocado Festival 2018

Time for the Avo-Enthusiasts to head to the Perth Hills!

Araluen Avocado Festival

November 24th and 25th was a big weekend at the always beautiful Araluen Botanic Park with the 2018 installment of the Araluen Avocado Festival. A great opportunity to take in the stunning grounds and celebrate all things avocado. It was a big program of events across the two days.

Araluen Avocado Festival

As you wandered around the park, there was a range of different and interesting stallholders set up, which provided a chance to enjoy the joy of the avocado. So avo good time! You could purchases actual fresh avocados, individually or even a whole tray if you were feeling flashy! Some were even dressed up a little fancy!

Then there was a range of different skin and beauty products to peruse, some made locally in the Perth Hills, like those beautiful soaps!

And then of course there were a range of tempting food and drink options, with each stall or food van ensuring there was something avo-licious on their menu. The classics like guacamole were available or for the more adventurous there was icecreams with avocado in them, even avocado cocktails and an avocado beer! A whole lot of tempting choices!

And while you were enjoying a nice avo inspired meal or something to drink there was plenty of live music entertainment to enjoy or you could sit and take in a cooking display and learn a few new skills of how to use this versatile ingredient at home.

As well as this, there were plenty of fun activities for all the kids, like colouring in and a petting zoo. Seriously, how cute is this goat!

 Finally, of course there are horticulturalists on hand to provide you with expert knowledge to grow your own avocado tree and you can even pick one up there! I hadn’t realised there were so many varieties!

Be sure to keep an eye on the Visit Perth Hills Armadale Facebook page for details of future events in the region!

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