I caught up with my wonderful friend Erin and her fella Rod, when they rolled back into town after their first year of their 2 year stint in London town. We caught up with them at Tiger Lils before GG and I ducked across the road for some dinner at Fuche. It was our first visit and one of those places I had walked past many times and fancied visiting so it was a perfect opportunity.

They didn’t actually have our booking, which was the first disappointment, but they found us a place outside, which was fine, given that it was a nice night….. the second disappointment though was the crazy long time it took to get our meals. As it turns out, we were told that they had lost our order……. sigh! An opportunity to drink a nice glass of wine I suppose. 


 And finally the food rocked up …… here’s the turkish bread and dips, and deep fried camenbert. Hard to mess up turkish bread and dips and I did enjoy this. Not too sure how I feel about deep fried cheese though and I love cheese for the most part. Probably wasn’t my favourite and was served with a sweet dipping sauce. Didn’t quite work for me.

Then marinated pork ribs, prawns, sauteed chorizo with lime, salt and pepper squid with aioli, rosemary and garlic lamb cutlets and some sort of salad that we didn’t order…

And look the food was fine, but nothing special, and we had to wait near an hour for it. They were quite generous serves for tapas which was a plus, and fairly reasonably priced, we went the 8 mixed tapas for $80 option- but not sure if I’d head back in a hurry.

418 Murray Street
Perth WA 6000
(08) 9481 0262

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