Garlic Prawns

Weapons up – I was ready to cook.

I’ve done garlic prawns before but I thought it might be nice if with the crusty bread on the side I also did a bruscetta salad – spanish onion, basil, tomato and olive oil with salt and pepper. My way of preparing garlic prawns I have taken from my cooking pro of a dad. He peels the prawns, puts them into a ramekin, adds butter and olive oil and at least a clove of chopped up garlic, say every 15 prawns. Then cover with glad wrap and pop into the microwave for 30 seconds. Then take out and stir….. only really needs to be done until the butter is all melted and that the prawns have all turned white and cooked through, which literally takes I’d say a maximum of two minutes. It is so easy and they are delicious.

So all in all the whole meal was very tasty – dip the bread in, eat a prawn, then top the bread with some of the bruscetta. Not too bad 🙂 With a glass of chilled white on the side and a spritz of lemon on the prawns, it was actually quite a nice light meal, but totally yum, made me feel a little bit masterchef 🙂 Living the dream.

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