Pasta Maker

For a while now and given the recent obsession with Masterchef, GG and I have been umming and ahhing about purchasing a pasta maker. He made the decision for us last Saturday and after a trip to the Re Store he got us one. An Italian one after some help from one of the little old Italians ladies there suggesting it was the best one to get 🙂

So Sunday night – fresh pasta was on the menu. He’s rolled the dough and here it is resting. We took the recipe for the dough from the Margaret Fulton Food Encyclopedia – an absolute treasure of a book.

What a pretty machine it is!

And now trying to roll it out….

First roll – a success, gotta keep on flattening it out….. a floured bench surface proving very important!

One that was done, now time to turn it into fettucine. Look at it go!

Ready to rock!

So while GG had been preparing the pasta, I had to whip up a sauce. I decided to try for an Amatriciana – tomato, chilli, bacon, garlic – the usual suspects. No set recipe for this, just a trial and error sauce – bit of this and that, trying along the way to ensure the flavours worked.

I thought it wasn’t half bad

Cooking up the pasta

And finally a perfect meal – fresh pasta is just magic!

What will be next? Raviolli, cannoloni? Decisions, decisions…

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