Roasting a chicken

Saturday was a total clur – so many little jobs to do and already the added challenge of having to wake up early and go and pick up my car from work after a glass and a half more of vino than I should have on Friday.
So I managed to set off at about 7.30 and was on my way home by about 8.30 – I’m a very slow cycler. Considering my location I decided the first stop on the way home would be at the Re Store, already pulling a crowd early on a Saturday. So I called in there quickly and picked up a pasta maker for my dad for his birthday and Fathers Day because i’ll be away for it. So that done I headed home.
There I got to see GG for a short spell before he headed off to the gym and I set off to tick a few more boxes off my to do list. I had to get keys cut, pick up a voucher for my brother’s birthday, I added pick up rye bread for lunch given I was in the area, then I headed home to rendezvous with GG for some lunch before we did a small food shop and picked up a few things at Mirrabooka. These included a portable harddrive so I can store all my pics while I’m away, and also got some hay fever tablets in case the national parks make me sneezy.Hopefully they don’t.
So with all this done, we headed home to briefly chillax, then GG headed to Joondalup to watch his niece race in Little Aths and I tidied up at home and put on dinner, which was a roast chook. Never roasted a chook, but with reference to the Margaret Fulton encyclopedia we got there.
Turned out not half bad if I do say so myself 🙂 And yes stuck with the roasted vegies, including beetroot – love it!

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