Riverbank Estate

I had booked a stunning degustation dinner for GG and I to celebrate their being an entire month of Spring in the Valley activities this year, but sadly it wasn’t meant be and it was cancelled, so we decided that after enjoying some UFC action in the morning that we would head to Riverbank for lunch so we could at least say we partook in some Valley festivities.

Its a really beautiful winery and the service was entirely fabulous.

 Nothing like a crisp, clean Chenin on a spring afternoon

Mmmmm complimentary rolls with balsamic and oil…. delish!

 Tehehe even if the rolls are teeny tiny. Its the thought that counts

Here is my lunch – twice cooked pork belly

And GG had the lamb

Both were beautifully presented and fabulously tasty.

One of my favourite places in the Valley, the food has never disappointed.


Riverbank Estate
126 Hamersley Road
Caversham WA 6055
(08) 9377 1805

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