The wonder of a good sandwich should never be overlooked. I’d known for a while that Mondos did roast meat rolls/sandwiches on Saturday mornings and had been keen for a good long while to try them out.

As fate would have it my cooking club were on the hunt for rabbit on the weekend and found ourselves at Mondos. Knowing we’d be cooking for hours we decided we needed something substantial for lunch so a $7.50 roast beef sandwich seemed to fit the bill perfectly. There were a few meats on offer – pork, beef and possibly lamb – but we all decided that beef would be the way to go that day.

I wasn’t sure about the youth behind the counter when I went out to place my order…. Would this youngster really make a decent sandwich? I need not have worried though. He clearly had many hours of sandwich making experience under his belt – deftly slicing the meat into generous and chunky slices, before loading it onto bread, then with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and a splash of the gravy, it was wrapped in aluminium foil and we were ready to roll.








We took advantage of the table that had just become available so we didn’t make a massive mess of Lisa’s car. The bread was quite dense, a sort of sour dough I think, and really tasty. The meat was cooked perfectly and just melted in your mouth despite the large sizes of some of the slices. The gravy was quite light, more of a jus probably than a gravy – but full of flavour. Really enjoyed it all. Left me feeling more than satisfied and pumped up on carbs and iron I was ready to cook up a storm.

So next time you are stocking up on supplies at Mondos, be sure to time your arrival to pick up one of these sandwiches – definitely worth a try!

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