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My work has a social club but one of the biggest struggles seems to be getting everyone on board with things that are arranged. On our latest outing we decided to keep it nice and easy and organised to have a sun downer at Terrace Lounge Bar in Perth. Our office is located in West Perth so it didn’t take us too long last Friday afternoon to wander down the hill into the CBD. Definitely an exercise made easier with the CAT – gotta love the bus!

My office is fairly small, was only a group of 10 or so of us together, gathered around a few tables that had been reserved for us. It is always nice to get away from the desk and have a bit of a chat with a bevvy in hand. It was fairly busy in the bar at this time of day, especially given the excitement of the Royal Wedding being on the big screen! Looking around I could see people transfixed, as history happened in front of our eyes. After a quick peak at the dress, which I did think was stunning, I decided that I would catch the highlights when I got home and got my chat on with my fellow colleagues.

Terrace Lounge had a great range of drinks on offer and also a few $9 cocktails specials – always very popular with the ladies! I gave the Cosmo a go…. dangerous drink, they taste just like juice, easy to knock back, especially on a Friday when the first drink usually doesn’t touch the sides. I only had one of these then switched to wine. But there was definitely something for everyone. Few beers on tap, others were drinking G&T’s, bit of everything.

And being Friday afternoon, in the twilight time between leaving work and getting home for dinner, everyone was pretty peckish, so were well pleased when the large platters of food arrived. We ordered two – one was basically a deep fried selection of wedges, spring rolls, samosas, squid rings, even chicken nuggets! An old school classic – hadn’t had a nugget in years! There was also a range of sauces available for dipping, a nice addition.


The other platter was more antipasto – with ham and salami, some smoked salmon, then olives, cheese and crackers. Everyone was happily picking away at these tasty offerings and then a few pizzas arrived.










One was a basic margarita and the other two were a mix of chicken, spanish onion and mushroom. Both very tasty and had a really nice base – vital for a pizza and a possible deal breaker if they are not up to scratch. I enjoyed the pizzas, they had a fair bit of cheese, but hey on a Friday afternoon when I was replacing dinner with sun downer specials, they worked a treat!








So in all, everyone seemed to have a great night. I’d say that Terrace was a great spot for a Sun downer, has a casual and relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for a Friday gathering. Not so packed that you are waiting hours for drinks at the bar and enough food on offer than no one should be going home hungry. Ticked all the right boxes J

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