McDonald’s Cheeseburgers

I love fine dining. A flashy night out, with good company and good food is right up there in my books. However, there is still a place in my heart for McDonald’s. Not many items on their menu do much for me – chocolate sundaes are good, the fries are decent and then there is the cheeseburger.

They are the only Maccas burger I will eat and I have professed my love for them for many years now. They taste the same now as they did when I was a kid and its nice knowing wherever I am in the world that I can get one.

I have such fond memories of cheeseburger times…. Sneaking them into the movies at Greater Union in Morley years ago with my cousins, getting served one with two lids in Vegas, watching the Anzac Day match with GG back in 2008 and eating Cheeseburgers on our first date, etc, etc, the list goes on.

It’s definitely not an every day food, but on the odd occasion the call of the cheeseburger beckons. And the simple combination of ingredients tastes like perfection. After my chocolate breakfast on Saturday morning, I decided to extend my run of indulgent eating with a pair of cheeseburgers for lunch. They were sensational. Pretty as a picture and I closed my eyes and smiled as I enjoyed each bite. To me, they are one of life’s simple pleasures.

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  1. Darling Carly, you cannot recommend or praise ANYTHING at Maccas if you are serious about food… sorry…. in my own words anything at Macas is likely to cause your taste buds to curl up and die!!!

    1. Diversity dear Lucy – I can’t fine dine every night of the week 🙂 And in my heart there is a time and a place for McDonald’s Cheeseburgers, definitely not all the time, but on the odd occasion they are perfection!

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