Little Caesars

Since my plans to finally try Little Caesars had been thwarted the previous weekend, we had decided we would give it a second shot the following weekend. So the day arrived and at about 5.45ish we drove from home into Leederville to place our orders. It was seriously packed when we arrived. I was glad we weren’t dining in, because the tiny dining room they had was quite ‘sardine can’ in design. We waded through the crowd and placed out orders for a small Greek Lamb (Corrigan Free Range Lamb, semi-caramelised onion, fetta, mozzarella, kalamata olives, rosemary and tzatziki $15) and a small The Max (sauce, mozzarella, ham, mushroom, pepperoni, capsicum, tomato, onion, bacon, pineapple, olives $15), their take on supreme. The waiting time was around 25 mins, so we took advantage of the bench near the back to wait for our pizzas to be made. It was hot and loud and you could just see that the staff were getting worked. They could have 3 times the dining room I suspect and still be overflowing, given the stellar reputation of Theo Kalogeracos.

Soon enough (and after I’d run into a client in the waiting area) our pizzas were ready and we were on the road home. They smelt amazing in the car and we just couldn’t get home soon enough to give them a go.

They looked a treat!








Both had a generous amount of toppings, which is always a plus. I started on the lamb pizza, just because it look so intriguing with its swirl of tzatziki and the spritz of lemon we’d added.  The flavour combination totally worked and the base was excellent – not too thin and not too fat…. Just right. All very Goldilocks I suppose.














Then I tried the Max. Again I was impressed. Fresh, tasty ingredients that all melded into a delicious mouthful.














Were they worth battling our way into the little shop and sitting and waiting? I’d say they were. I did really enjoy them and I had wanted a high quality pizza and I definitely think you get that at Little Caesars. It might take me a while to want to brave the business of the store any time soon, but I’m sure the allure of some of the other tasty selections is sure to get the better of me down the track and I’ll head back then.

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