The Brown Fox …………… again

Another day, another visit to the Brown Fox. My first visit to the BF was during their first month of operation, earlier in the year. As I’ve driven past over the past few weeks I’d noticed the crowds did appear to be growing as people flocked to take advantage of the sunshine on their verandah while they enjoyed their lunch.

A banker that I deal with was over for her first visit to the West and the weather really turned it on for her. Blue skies and sunshine in Autumn, couldn’t have asked for better conditions. So we wandered down the road to the Brown Fox and set ourself up outside to soak up some vitamen D.

The menu was unchanged since the last visit and the combination of english and french in some of the food descriptions did raise a few eye brows as we muddled our way through what each item was.

I decided I’d try something different on this visit and went for the Duck and mushroom pie with smoked tomato compote ($27). Was pretty presentation with the golden pastry a top the pot pie and tomato chutney close by. My first mouthful was mainly pastry and it was pleasant. Flakey and buttery – so two thumbs up on the pastry front, then I reached the filling. The duck and mushroom combination was disappointingly bland… I don’t know if its that I wished it had more of the essentials – salt and pepper – or what, but it was all a bit blah. Then underneath the filling was mashed potato….  given that spud hadn’t been mentioned in the description I was sort of surprised to find it hiding there. So in all it was a fairly lack lustre pie for me.

My collegue in attendance went for the White Rocks burger with frittes ($20). It was lad’s sized meal with its generous serve of frittes and from all account the patty was very tasty, however the main downer was the bun – it was crazy crispy… you know those burger buns that are either just a harder style roll or have been crisped up within an inch of their life…. this is where this was at…. but he did still enjoy it, with the patty said to be the saving grace.

And finally, our visitor from the East Coast had the Seared kingfish with nicoise salad (which is $14.50 for entree size and $26 for mains). She was very complimentary! Flavours, size, the sunny venue – bode well with the gal from Sydney!

I think the thing is that I want to love the Brown Fox and I’m just not there yet on the food front! I’m sure for a Friday afternoon bevvy that it would work a treat – they have a delightful drinks list –  and from all accounst it pulls decent crowds but I don’t think I’ll be rushing back for a feed just yet. But could be third times a charm so you never know……

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