Asian Cuisine (West Perth Food Court)

This is spicy pork. A favourite of many a gent in my office. I’ve only had it on two occasions in my life and this time it was because the boss was leaving and it was his favourite Friday fare. So the new work team wandered down the road to the West Perth food court. You’ll find Spicy Pork as the special of the day at the curry place at the Food Court, whose name I can’t recall. But it is very popular and is usually sold out by just after 1.

Whilst it may be hard to be the serve in the photo is a small. And in keeping with how the fellas enjoy there I got mine with steamed white rice and curried vegies. As with the last time I had it I was amazed at how much pork you are given in a serve. It’s a mountain! And it is very tasty. Its not a hot spicy, but definitely a full of flavour spicy. The curried vegies had a bit more heat behind them, but the two dishes were well balanced with the rice.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy spicy pork as the reason I’ve only had it twice, more than I see it as a sometimes food instead of an every week undertaking. It does hit the spot nicely though on those odd occasions so if you are in the mood for a big feed you know where to head.









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  1. I really love spicy foods like that, when I saw your blog, it reminded me of Tamarind Restaurant’s chilli beef and their smooth spicy duck… Very delicious, affordable and very spicy.

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