Sometimes when the mood strikes I like to wander through Coles and really thoroughly peruse the isles to see if there’s something fabulous that I just totally need. On one such days my must have item was wooden skewers, with the grand plan of making kebabs at some stage….. these sat in the drawer at home for probably close to a year before I noticed them again and thought to myself that the time is now for operation kebab!



Luckily I had some marinade in the cupboard, so I diced up some beef and left it in the Red Wine And Garlic marinade, while I cut up some mushrooms, zucchini, onions, red capsicum and pineapple. Threading them onto the sticks was a fun job and then I cooked them up in my banquest frying pan and served them with rice. I quite like some sorta sauce on meat so with the excess marinade in the pan, once I’d removed the kebabs, I poured in some pineapple juice and reduced it down a bit and it had sort of a sweet burnt taste to it, but I liked it.



An easy meal, nice and healthy and now the big question is what to have with the next lot!

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