Rendezvous Grand Hotel Perth Scarborough – Refurb Relaunch!

For as long as I can remember Rendezvous in Scarborough has always been there. It’s as synonymous to the suburb as the blue house once was. I have two great memories of what I suspect I’ll always refer to as ‘Observation City’ or Ob City actually because I’m an Aussie and if we can abbreviate, we will.

My first memory was many, many years ago when my sister, who is a massive Pearl Jam fan visited Ob City the day after their Perth concert (that she’d slept out for to get us amazing seats) and she’d run into the band’s guitarist Mike McCready and had a photo with him. On arriving home and regaling us with these tales it was decided that we and my good friend Miss A would head back to Ob City that night to see if we could make any more celebrity sightings. We sat ourselves in the bar area and it’s as if the stars aligned that night and we saw Stone Gossard and a few other crew members walk past. Now I can’t even remember the specifics of how this came to be but they ended up sitting with us for a drink. So we happily chatted and while we were there, Mike McCready walked across the lobby. He saw us all sitting there and recognising my sister from the afternoon’s happy snap came up to say hello. He looked at my friend and I and said “you two were at the concert last night, you had a white shirt and you had a green shirt” OMG we totally did! Turns out when you are four rows from the front, the band can see you pretty clearly. So we were just on cloud nine. Our little group sat and shot the breeze before the rock stars had to head off. But oh what a night and oh what a great memory! It always makes me think fondly of Ob City, while humming to the tune of Pearl Jam’s Alive.

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My second memory was more recent and was of a nice overnight stay that GG and I spent there. It was lovely to admire the pretty vista of the Scarborough coastline from our room’s balcony and while back then the hotel was a little dated, it still felt like we were escaping on a mini holiday by the seaside.

But it’s time for some fresh, new memories at Ob City or should I say at Rendezvous Grand Hotel Perth Scarborough. The hotel is now a part of the Singaporean hotel group Far East Hospitality and has recently undergone a much needed $60 million facelift. And oo la la it is looking grand!

GG and I headed along for the relaunch soiree and as we drove down West Coast Hwy, Rendezvous was lit up like a Christmas tree, heralding that it was back, bigger and better than ever!



They had really turned it on for this event and had invited along hotel execs along with Premier Colin Barnett to officially open the relaunched venue.


All those in attendance were serenaded by a very jazzy band while enjoying a delicious range of canapés that were doing the rounds in abundance. And I’m not going to lie, I enjoy an abundance of canapés at a function. Especially when they are as tasty as these were.  Let me tell you though, it is tricky business trying to juggle a glass of wine, a canapé and get your phone out to take a photo of said canapé. Yes, yes, first world problems I know 🙂


Here’s a few happy snaps of the kitchen’s handy work…

House cured pastrami salmon, cream cheese and gherkin savoury mini cones


Delice de cremier, apricot fluid gel, celery and hazelnut crumble


Margaret River Wagyu beef tataki, pickled cucumber and soy pearls


Black Truffle salted popcorn


Twice cooked free range pork belly, apple and sultana


Paprika chicken, roasted butternut and corn, chipotle aioli


I also tried some thoroughly enjoyable risotto (Wild mushroom and pandano flake risotto), but was so keen to eat it that I may have neglected to take a picture first.

I really loved the attention to detail they had taken with these delicious morsels, along with the interesting flavour combinations and the creative presentation. It was an impressive spread.

Special mention needs to go also to Josh Catalano, Masterchef alum and pro oyster shucker. He was shucking fresh oysters for the guests and while I am only an oyster novice and am rarely wowed by them, I’d have to say that the one I had, along with a really punchy shallot vinaigrette was the best  I’ve ever eaten. So fresh, chilled perfectly and a delight with the contrasting vinegar. I may have even gone back for a second.

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Rounding out proceedings on the food front was a spectacular cheese selection, with Rendezvous’ cheese sommelier deftly slicing a bit of this and a bit of that for eager cheese fans. I can assure you that this plate wasn’t just for me….. or was it 🙂



For a sweet treat to finish the chefs were preparing Liquid nitrogen snap frozen sorbet and ice cream pebbels, which were something a little different and it was great how they managed to snaplock so much flavour into those little ice cream rocks. Yum!

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There was also an amazing chocolate sculpture crafted by Pastry Chef and Chocolate Mastermind Ian Burch and it truly was a thing of beauty. I’m not sure if anyone ended up eating any of it, but it was almost too beautiful to want to touch, though I am sure it would have tasted lovely too!


Cocktail Gastronomy were also in attendance, ensuring guests were kept well hydrated with a pair of very interesting cocktails, which also included mystical clouds of liquid nitrogen for some added flair. I sampled a Dark and Stormy and it was great. Cocktails are so devilishly easy drinking, especially with this crew on mixing duties.

In between all that indulgent eating, small groups were taken on a tour of the hotels refurbed facilities. I was really impressed with the rooms. We were first taken to see a suite, which was just massive and came complete with an expansive balcony to really enjoy those stunning views. What I really liked though was that even their standard rooms look very schmick now. Hand painted murals behind each bed, an oceanic colour theme with plenty of blues and each room has a balcony too, albeit not quite as large as with the suites or deluxe rooms, but still providing a great opportunity to breathe in that fresh sea air.

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So congratulations on a superb job. Rendezvous is looking amazing! It was an impressive and enjoyable evening and thank you for the invitation!

For those keen to head along to check it out and up for a cheeky weekend away, there’s a great weekend special available at the moment. $159 for an overnight stay in a deluxe room including breakfast for two. Queue the seaside escape!


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